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What we know, the latest news, what to look out for, and what to expect from Bond 26 in the coming months.

The James Bond film series is one of the most iconic and enduring franchises in the history of cinema. Spanning six decades and 25 films, the series has captivated audiences with its mix of action, espionage, and glamour.

Director: TBA

Screenplay: Neal Purvis & Robert Wade *

Producers: Barbara Broccoli & Michael G Wilson *

Cinematography: TBA

Production Designer: TBA

Costume Designer: TBA

James Bond: TBA

Production start: 2024 at the earliest

Release date: TBA

* Broccoli has said that she expects Purvis and Wade to be involved early in the writing process. That assumes Eon Productions holds on to its share of the Bond film rights. If Wilson retires they may instead decide to sell up to Amazon.


Latest Bond 26 news

Below are the three latest stories on Bond 26. More stories are at the bottom of the page.

Currently little is known about Bond 26. Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson are notoriously shy of publicity and do few interviews. And in the few they have done recently they have said very little. Back in September 2022 she spoke to Variety though and offered a few meagre pointers though.

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What we know

We don’t currently know much about Bond 26 at all. But these are the details that we do know.

When will Bond 26 be released? Bond 26 is “going to be a couple of years off”, according to Broccoli in 2022. That’s a pretty vague statement and would imply it goes into production in 2024 at the earliest. Eon won’t announce a firm Bond 26 release date until there is some real movement on the film, but Broccoli’s statement would mean Bond 26 in 2025 at the very earliest.

While Amazon might wish to speed things up and apply pressure on Eon to move faster, Sony also tried the same thing to no avail. Eon works as fast as Eon works.

What can we expect from Bond 26? The producers need to work out what they want to do with the series after Daniel Craig. Much in the way they decided to steer the films in a different direction following Die Another Day, they are going through a similar process now.

Craig’s films were much grittier than what went before. While it’s not true that they have no humour they did move away with the more light-hearted tone of Pierce Brosnan’s films and de-emphasised the gadgets. Will they decide to make the films more light hearted again? Or at least less serious. That’s a decision for the producers right now.

No Time to Die saw the death of James Bond, so we also need to see how they resolve that problem. We’ll talk about that below, but the filmmakers do have a number of different potential solutions.

Who will be cast as the new 007? Only after they have decided what the series is going to look like going forward will they have an idea of what type of actor they need for the lead role. They will cast a new actor to play James Bond based on his own strengths, depending on the direction and tone of the new films.

They are also likely to pick a director before selecting a new James Bond, as they did with Casino Royale in 2005. In February 2005 Eon Productions announced the next film was to be Casino Royale and would be directed by  Martin Campbell. Daniel Craig was announced as the new 007 in October the same year.

Broccoli also said that playing James Bond is a 10 or 12 year commitment. Based on Eon’s current output that would likely equate to three films, although speaking with The Empire Film Podcast, she said four or five films.

So we could be waiting until late 2023 for any news on the director and the second half of 2024 for the new actor to be announced.

Who will write Bond 26? Broccoli has said that Neal Purvis and Robert Wade are likely to be hired initially to work on the next film. Screenplays are almost always collaborative so they are unlikely to be the only writers involved. New writers are often hired to sort out specific script problems, such as dialogue or structure.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge was brought in quite late to work on No Time to Die and there have been reports that Eon would like to work with her in the future.

Anyway, we’ll take a look at all this in more detail and some other things to consider in the article below.

Casting the next James Bond

The casting of James Bond is always a highly anticipated event, and for Bond 26 the filmmakers must select an actor to take on the iconic role of the next James Bond.

white and gray metal armless chair

With the end of Daniel Craig’s tenure as James Bond, it’s time for a new actor to step into the spotlight and bring their own style to the character. The need for a new actor is driven by the natural progression of the franchise, as each film aims to bring a fresh take on James Bond and introduce the character to new audiences.

How far they are along that process is open to conjecture as it is something they like to keep under wraps and no reliable information has yet been leaked.

The media, particularly in the UK, has pushed a number of potential candidates for the next James Bond actor. Some have speculated that a lesser-known actor could be cast, allowing them to bring a fresh perspective to the role. Others have proposed that an established Hollywood star, such as Tom Hardy or Idris Elba, could take on the mantle of James Bond. However, there is usually little behind these stories other than to generate pageviews for advertising.

It’s important to note that when it comes to casting rumours and speculation surrounding the next James Bond actor, media reports are extremely unreliable. In the past, many false reports and rumours have circulated, leading to confusion and disappointment among fans.

The official announcement of the next Bond actor will come from Eon Productions, although usually news gets out beforehand from trusted sources. Therefore, it’s always wise to take any unconfirmed reports with a grain of salt before getting too excited about potential casting news.

The James Bond Dossier will help sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to reports in the media on any aspect of Bond 26. Nevertheless, the speculation surrounding the next Bond actor adds to the excitement and anticipation for the upcoming film.

Resolving Bond’s death

At the end of No Time to Die James Bond finally met his demise, leaving fans wondering how the franchise would continue. Despite the ending the credits promised James Bond Will Return!

black digital device at 0 00

The death of James Bond presents a unique challenge for the franchise, as the series has never before had to deal with the death of its main character.

There are a number of different options, one of which is to simply ignore what happened in No Time to Die and simply introduce the new James Bond in a stand alone adventure. Another would be to reboot Bond again and find out how he became Bond. This is less likely as we’ve just been through this story arc with Daniel Craig but both these options would see the new 007 in a different universe and timeline to Daniel Craig’s.

A less likely possibility could be the introduction of a new character who takes on the mantle of James Bond, either as a relative or a protégé of the original character. This is essentially the same as the “code name theory” of James Bond. Another solution to resolve James Bond’s death could be through the use of flashbacks or dream sequences, allowing the audience to see Bond’s adventures from a different perspective. Or else we find he was never dead, although that poses all kinds of problems of a different kind for the continuity of the series.

Regardless of the solution chosen it will be exciting to see how they navigate this challenge and bring the franchise to new heights with Bond 26.

A new direction

Bond 26 represents an opportunity for the franchise to take a new direction and explore new storylines and themes. While the series has always been known for its mix of action, espionage, and glamour, the filmmakers have the opportunity to take the franchise in a different direction, potentially incorporating new elements or tonal shifts.

silhouette of road signage during golden hour

One option could be to continue in a similar vein to previous James Bond films, with a focus on classic elements such as high-stakes espionage and larger-than-life action set pieces. Another possibility could be to take the more grounded, character-driven approach begun with Daniel Craig’s films, exploring Bond’s personal life and relationships in greater depth. There’s also the option to incorporate new elements into the series, such as technology or global politics, to keep the franchise fresh and relevant.

In the Daniel Craig era the films have leaned towards a more serious and grounded tone but depending on the actor chosen they may decide on a more light-hearted approach, or even incorporate elements of both. The choice of tone will play a major role in determining the overall feel of the film and shaping the future of the franchise.

The choice of direction for the franchise is significant, as it will determine the future of the James Bond series for years to come. The filmmakers must carefully consider what direction will not only entertain audiences but also maintain the legacy of the James Bond franchise. The future of the franchise rests on their ability to strike the right balance and create a film that appeals to both die-hard fans and new audiences.

Changes at the top

So far we’ve assumed that Bond 26 will be produced by Eon Productions with Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli at the helm. But Wilson turned 80 in 2021 and has mentioned how tiring the films are to make for years.

Wilson has been a driving force behind the franchise for many years, and his presence has helped to shape the direction of the series. He has been involved with the series since Goldfinger in numerous roles, including a number of writing credits.

He may feel now is the time to  take a much smaller role than he has done in the past, or retire completely. No one would argue that he’s deserved it. But if he were to step down, how would that affect Barbara Broccoli?

They have been jointly responsible for every film since Goldeneye and clearly work well together. While they are publicity shy, Broccoli has tended to be the face of Eon. But that doesn’t necessarily reflect how things are behind the scenes and Broccoli could struggle without Wilson.

That’s not necessarily the case and perhaps they have planned for this, for example with Wilson’s son Gregg becoming more prominent, but it remains a big unknown. Michael G Wilson stepping back from his role at Eon Productions could have a significant impact on not only Bond 26 but the future direction of the series.

Something that could make that a moot point anyway would be if Broccoli and Wilson decided it was time to cash in their Bond chips and sell up. The obvious choice would be Amazon as the streamer purchased MGM in 2022 and now controls 50% of the franchise. This would have an even greater impact on the future of the James Bond franchise.

Amazon is a massive company with deep pockets, so could afford to buy Eon Productions out. They also have the resources to take the franchise in a new and exciting direction. However, with new ownership also comes a new set of creative and business objectives, which could lead to changes in the way the franchise is produced and marketed. And that would likely be very different to how Eon would have done things.

Any changes in ownership or leadership at Eon Productions would have a ripple effect throughout the James Bond franchise. The tone, style, and direction of the films could all be impacted, as well as the marketing and distribution of the films. And, of course, it may affect the release date of Bond 26.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, Bond 26 represents a pivotal moment for the future of the James Bond franchise. The casting of a new actor, the resolution of James Bond’s death, and the choice of direction for the franchise will all play a major role in determining the future of the series. The significance of these decisions cannot be overstated, as they will shape the franchise for years to come.

Despite the challenges ahead, there is a great deal of excitement and anticipation surrounding Bond 26. Fans of the franchise can’t wait to see who will be cast as the next James Bond, how the filmmakers will resolve the death of the character, and what new direction the franchise will take. The future of the James Bond franchise is filled with endless possibilities, and the anticipation for Bond 26 is at an all-time high.

In the end, the James Bond franchise has proven to be one of the most enduring and beloved franchises in the history of cinema. Its mix of action, espionage, and glamour has captivated audiences for decades, and with Bond 26, the franchise has the opportunity to continue that legacy and bring the franchise to new heights. Whether it’s a classic Bond film or something completely new, the future of the James Bond franchise is sure to be exciting.

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