Live And Let Die

When three MI6 agents watching the dictator of a small Caribbean island are killed in the space of 24 hours M sends James Bond to New York to investigate.

007 soon finds his arrival has been noticed as several attempts are made on his life. Following up a clue in Harlem puts him on Mr Big, a fearsome gangster who has at his side a beautiful virgin who can divine the truth and see into the future using tarot cards.

James Bond soon find himself fighting a plot to distribute cheap heroin into the United States and finds himself facing dealing with voodoo and the occult.

What we say

Live And Let Die is a confused mish-mash of James Bond meets Shaft and a real pity Ian Fleming’s story was almost entirely jettisoned. The positives are Jane Seymour as Solitaire, the theme song by Wings,  and Baron Samedi but there is little else to recommend it.


Original release

Premiere: 6th July 1973  at the  Odeon Leicester Square
UK: 12th July 1973
US: 27th June 1973

Principal crew

Guy Hamilton
Screenplay Tom Mankiewicz
Albert R Broccoli and Harry Saltzman
George Martin
Bert Bates, Raymond Poulton & John Shirley
Production Designer
Syd Cain
Ted Moore


Roger Moore James Bond
Yaphet Kotto Kananga / Mr. Big
Jane Seymour Solitaire / Simone Latrelle
Clifton James Sheriff J.W. Pepper
Julius W. Harris Tee Hee Johnson
Geoffrey Holder Baron Samedi
David Hedison Felix Leiter
Gloria Hendry Rosie Carver
Bernard Lee M
Lois Maxwell Miss Moneypenny
Tommy Lane Adam
Earl Jolly Brown Whisper
Roy Stewart Quarrel Jr.
Lon Satton CIA Agent Harold Strutter
Arnold Williams Cab Driver 1
Ruth Kempf Mrs. Bell
Joie Chitwood Charlie
Madeline Smith Beautiful Girl
Michael Ebbin Dambala
Kubi Chaza Sales Girl
B.J.Arnau Singer


  • Bourbon and water
  • Bollinger (delivered to hotel room by Whisper)
  • Dom Perignon
  • Sazerac (with Felix in New Orleans)


Morris Mini-Moke (1973)


  • “What are you? Some kind of doomsday machine boy?”
  • “Secret Agent!? On whose side?”
  • “I got me a regular Ben-Hur down here… Doing 95… minimum.”
  • “Funny how the least little thing amuses him.”
  • “What shall we drink to, Mr. Bond?”
    “Well, how about an earthquake? “

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