When a Drax Industries Moonraker space shuttle is hijacked en-route to the UK James Bond is brought in to investigate. When Bond visits company owner Hugo Drax he is introduced to Dr Holly Goodhead and immediately the first of several attempts are made on his life. He does, however, recover the blueprints for a glass vial being made in Venice.

In Venice he learns the deadly purpose of the vial and becomes reacquainted with Dr Goodhead, who he learns is working for the CIA, while foiling further attempts on his life. Following Drax to Rio de Janeiro, Bond learns that Drax has a research lab in the Amazon to where he then travels by speedboat.

Captured by Drax he finds Dr Goodhead is being held prisoner. However, freeing themselves they watch four Moonraker space shuttles blast off for a rendezvous with Drax’s secret space station and manage to board a fifth shuttle posing as astronauts.

On board the space station they learn that Drax intends to poison the entire human race with the exception of genetically perfect specimens that he has taken with him to the space station as a new master race…

What we say

Moonraker is basically a rehash of The Spy Who Loved Me. Instead of wanting to wipe out mankind and create cities for a few on the seabed, Hugo Draz wants to do the same thing in space. One of the weakest of the series, Moonraker relies far too much on comedy value and dumb gadgets.


Original release

Premiere: 26th June 1979 at the Odeon Leicester Square
US: 29th June 1979

Principal crew

Lewis Gilbert
Screenplay Christopher Wood
Albert R Broccoli
Music John Barry
Editor John Glen
Production Designer Ken Adam
Jean Tournier


Roger Moore James Bond
Lois Chiles Dr. Holly Goodhead
Michael Lonsdale Hugo Drax
Richard Kiel Jaws
Corinne Cléry Corinne Dufour
Bernard Lee M
Geoffrey Keen Sir Frederick Gray
Desmond Llewelyn Q
Lois Maxwell Miss Moneypenny
Toshirô Suga Chang
Emily Bolton Manuela
Blanche Ravalec Dolly – Jaws’ Girlfriend
Irka Bochenko Blonde Beauty
Mike Marshall Col. Scott
Leila Shenna Hostess Private Jet
Anne Lonnberg Museum Guide
Jean-Pierre Castaldi Pilot Private Jet
Walter Gotell General Anatol Gogol
Douglas Lambert Mission Control Director
Arthur Howard Cavendish
Alfie Bass Consumptive Italian
Brian Keith U.S. Shuttle Captain
George Birt Captain – Boeing 747
Kim Fortune R.A.F. Officer
Lizzie Warville Russian Girl
Johnny Traber’s Troupe Funambulists
Nicholas Arbez Drax’s Boy
Guy Di Rigo Ambulanceman
Chris Dillinger Drax’s Technician
Claude Carliez Gondolier
Georges Beller Drax’s Technician
Denis Seurat Officer – Boeing 747



Glastron Carlson CX25 Speedboat


  • “My God, what’s Bond doing?”
    “I think he’s attempting re-entry, sir.”
  • “Look after Mr Bond. See that some harm comes to him.”
  • “You missed, Mr Bond.”
    (Sniper falls from a tree)
    “Did I?”
  • “The Drax residence. Every stone brought from France. Cute, isn’t it?”
    “Magnificent. Why didn’t he buy the Eiffel Tower as well?”
    “He did, but the French government refused him an export permit.”
  • “Bollinger? If it’s ’69 you were expecting me.”
  • “This evening I’m giving my address.”
    “Then can you think of a reason why we can’t go for a drink afterwards?”
    “Not immediately. But I’m sure I shall.”

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The Spy Who Loved Me | For Your Eyes Only

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