No Time to Die trailer

The first trailer for No Time to Die is finally upon us!

Watch it above and then let me know what you think.

Love it?? HATE it?? Or something else entirely??

Let me know in the comments below!

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66 Responses to “No Time to Die trailer”

  • David Anderson

    Looks very exciting can’t wait bond is my hero roll on 2nd april

  • Carlos

    That looks interesting much better than Spectre no doubt

  • Ray Breitowich


  • Michael Metcalfe

    Very nice little teaser! 007 never let’s us down does he?

  • Juan Alberto

    ES UN MÁS… MÁS James Bond
    Más tensión
    Más acción
    Más hermosas locaciones
    Más hermosas mujeres
    Más hombres impertérritos
    Más incertidumbre

  • David

    Looks awfully boring and he looks SO old and ugly. Glad it is his last.
    Time for some fresh blood, from the top down.

  • Don Pearson

    Looks good in my opinion . However the one theme that annoys me about the Craig era. Every film he seems to be leaving SIS

  • Leonidas Mademlis

    Amazing… James Bond always is….

  • Stephanie Littlepage

    Love it! It’s got all the action of a classic Bond film, and more importantly, the DB5, which is my favourite of all the Bond cars. I can’t WAIT For this film!

  • Eric taylor

    Really did enjoy trailer it looks to be very good can not wait to see movie I wish it would be sooner then next April

  • John Wright

    Excellent trailer! This has the potential to be the best Bond movie yet.

  • Osbey

    Interesting(Love it)

  • Glyn Fellowes

    Looks intriguing and action packed with hints of the past catching up with Bond this trailer as wetted my appetite can’t until it’s released.

  • Madhu Karunakaran

    It looks awesome, can’t wait any longer to experience the visual of No Time to Die..

  • Brian Hughes

    Oh boy! Explosions! Shooting! Babes! Exotic locations! Man, I love the Jason Bourne, er, I mean Mission Impossible, no, I meant James Bond films. (I wonder if there is a plot to this one? There should be an unused one left over from Quantum they could dust off.)

  • Mike Tanner

    Looks awesome can’t wait,Daniel Craig for me is the best Bond ever gonna miss him,wish he wasn’t leaving.

  • Daniel

    I loved it!!! Can’t wait to watch the entire movie…. 007 films are the greatest

  • Dave McCarthy

    Daniel Craig is my favorite Bond, and I started with Goldfinger. I’d watch him paint a wall. These scenes promise an amazing movie.

    Please remove the post from December 4th, 2019 at 15:08, racism doesn’t belong here or anywhere.

  • Mike Davidson

    Looks fantastic. Can’t wait. Been a very long time since “Spectre”.

  • Mike Flinn

    Action, location, cars and humor. It looks like
    A good last Bond for Craig.

  • Robert Davis

    I am surprised at how good this actually looks. It kind of feels a little like us revisiting the Timothy Dalton era where 007 has to go rogue in order to get the job done.

    I’m overjoyed to see Jeffrey Wright reprising his portrayal of Felix Leiter and the rebuilt DB5 is getting put to good use.

  • Andrew Twigg

    Can’t wait for April 2nd,
    Nice to see the return of Blofield, will the new female 00 be prefixed with 007?? Who knows but she looks like she could be a good match for Bond. Also I wonder if this movie will end like on her majestys secret service with Bond losing his wife??.

  • Bertil Persson

    Can’t wait to when it comes to Sweden.

    What happened to David Oyelowo? Won’t he be the new James Bond later on? Looks like it could be a female actor.

  • Roger Ferreira

    History isn’t kind to men that play God for Ms. Swan has experience.

  • Debbie Rapp

    Love it, love it, love it!
    The time is ripe for a female Bond… some daughter that he never met perhaps….

  • Ron Head

    Everybody looks great. I was impressed with how well the new 00 came out in the trailer. Nice. Lea is beautiful. Blofeld looks like Blofeld. Rami will be a great villain.

  • Lorne

    Looks like the last film in the Bond franchise will be worth watching.

  • Ron Head

    I just now rewatched the trailer. Ana de Armas is in more than one scene in the trailer. She looks interesting, and also beautiful.

  • Dawn Lawry

    Looks excellent can’t wait to see it

  • Mark

    Totally brilliant can’t wait for theme tune,roll on when it comes out on DVD also as I have the full set mark

  • Shane

    Looks fantastic bond is back loving this mystery storyline with maxeline Swan cannot wait

  • Christos

    OMG! WOW does that ever look good! I think I’m definitely going to enjoy this one even if it means it’s Craig’s last outing as Bond.

  • Paolo

    Certainly a great action movie, but – maybe as I am aged – I liked best those films based on spy stories. Anyway I’m waiting for April 2020…

  • tony

    There were a few sets in this that reminded me of the Ken Adams era Another “personal” 007 story, not sure it’s the way to go fro Bond again and again, but it looks intriguing and there are lots of possibilities. Spectre fell flat IMO but maybe this will be more of a Skyfall vibe?.

  • Tom

    i really enjoyed that trailer! Thank you so much for posting it. Action- filled, yes! Gorgeous aerial shots, yes! Bond essentially being alone and having to solve Earth-shattering danger all based on his experience, mind, heart, and physical endurance, yes! Have I marked April 2 on my calendar, oh you bet you yes!

  • Archie

    So the teaser is at last here . As expected it’s full of Bond moments and surprise elements, if a few of them should have remained hidden. IMO. Old Ernst and the car in joke at the end, for example.
    It’s one to view a few time to get all those little secrets.

    Tomorrow ( 5 dec ) sees the UK push with Good Morning Britain seeing interviews with Malik

  • David Salter

    Looks really exciting. A worthy last outing for Daniel Craig.

  • AP

    Not sure. Bit worried about where it’s going TBH.

  • Muhamed Gandura

    I admire it!

    With respect.

  • Grrrr

    Excellent trailer. Personally,I loved SPECTRE so I’m psyched for the next outing ! So far, Daniel Craig’s 007 batting avg. is 3 for 4.

  • Richard

    Wow wow wow!! This looks FANTASTIC. Jamaica, Cuba, beautiful cars , the DB5, car chases && Daniel Craig looks like he brought his ACTING game on. Can’t wait for this !! #notimetodie #bond25

  • Larry Eichman

    Was kind of in doubt with the first two trailers but they actually got better or more exciting with each subsequent one. It could be a winner but I like Bond when he spends time playing games against his villains. Does not appear that will be the case here.

  • Ian Stubbs

    Looks like Dr Sean will survive the precredis after all

  • Lisa Landis-Blowers

    LOVE IT! Can’t wait. Daniel Craig is by far my favorite Bond (next to Roger Moore who was Bond when I started to go see the films in the theatre). I know it’s time for him to move on, but I will be sad. I love that the Craig Bond series picked up where the last film ended. Looks like a great final film for Craig. And while I like strong female characters and it’s fun seeing a female 007, I do hope that there continues to be a male “Bond, James Bond” or it will be another series not James Bond.

  • Gary McGrattan

    Looks fantastic.It only builds the excitement even more for April 2nd

  • Lewis Murphy

    Absolutely fantastic,very exciting, 4 – 5 years is a long time but I think this will be worth it.
    Daniel Craig is a marvellous actor and unfortunately his last bond movie, but still we were lucky to get 5, so I’m grateful for that.
    If people have already drawn negative comments when the movie hasn’t even been released,
    Don’t watch it then!
    Enjoy the movie and the moments and Bond for what they are.

  • Robyn Heavner

    David, Bond 25 looks great! With a twist of three , of course! Looking forward to, No Time To Die. Any word who will be doing the music score? I wish the producers would let Shirley Bassey do the theme song. Cheers!7

  • Steve C

    Wow, looks great and can’t wait to see it! I wasn’t sure about Daniel Craig as Bond, having read all of the Fleming books but he has done a fantastic job!

  • doctorx0079

    Looks pretty good so far. You can see Léa Seydoux looks quite nice when she isn’t squinting.

  • Greg Mansfield

    Looks excellent. Surrounded by villains, Bond calmly deploys gattling guns from behind his DB5’s headlights and starts firing as he turns the car through a doughnut maneuver. It doesn’t get much better than that.
    And a new, female 00 colleague/rival. Fantastic!
    I just hope this swan song for Daniel Craig is much better than Spectre, which was so disappointing (where did Bond get that bloody plane from, anyway?!)
    I think it will be. Can’t wait to see it!

  • Kevin

    As said above at the beginning of comments. He’s getting too old. However, I would like to see Bond played by Jason Statham. His roles in other movies have been outstanding. But I will definitely be buying this bond too my collection.

  • Wolfgang Thürauf

    It looks Fantastic. Great Sequences. All great Parts of the Film are in the Trailer. Wonderful Sentences with Q, Moneypenny and Nomi. Wonderful Scene when he says “Bond… James Bond”.

  • Benjamin Kalliomäki

    This trailer gave me a wow experience. I’m really looking forward to the movie in April 2020.

    I knew Blofeld was going to be in the movie, and I’m allso interested to know what kind of secret Madeleine Swann is keeping and who the mysterious nasty piece of work Safin is.

  • Daniel Booth

    118 Days to go. I can’t wait.

  • Giuseppe Perticone

    To paraphrase an old Scottish lady I met in 1981 It seems to be very, very, very nice. Although I don’t consider Daniel Craig fit for this role. It will be action-packed. Very amazing.

  • Jens

    2 minutes of excitement. Really looking forward to
    The whole movie

  • Greg

    Oh yes Bond is back , do we really have to wait until April .

  • Roy

    Looks really good. Can’t wait to see it. I hope he does another one.

  • Quillerbarracuda

    Slightly tumescent.

  • Christopher

    The Trailer looks fantastic.
    Major improvements giving Craig more dialogue we can actually hear him converse now instead of some the previous outings where he is more stoic like that similar to the John wick character. Most happy to see the direction went back to including some humour in the film especially when a guard looks up at him funny when Craig utters his name, ” Bond – James Bond”. The guys face is like what? Classic moment.
    The only thing that looks worrying or doubtful is that they’ve added a female 007 to this rendition, and I don’t know if it’s temporary or permanent. I don’t know how others feel about this but it’s a little too much at the present to take in and not be so non chalant about it as I’m not ready to accept a female bond or female 007 yet in this role.

  • John L

    I loved the trailer, action packed and not giving much of the actual story away. I’m pleased to see Blofeld back.

  • Carl Hubbard

    Is that the pitch? “More arms in the world than ever before”?? Nice to see M Swann getting another story line but the female 00 has to be a sign of where this is going…”Good bye, Mr. Bond”…

  • John Lombard

    Glad to see they’re sticking to the same formula. Been enough remakes of Older Films and Comic Book Movies this past decade!

  • FJ Powers

    Looks AWESOME. Craig is going out in style

  • Douglas

    Bond has and always will be part of my life.This trailer has left me anxious for opening night.

  • Marta Terezia

    Glorious and just awesome. D Craig looks great and experienced/mature enough to handle 007 moments!

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