A look at all the Jamaican locations used in No Time to Die.

After the film’s launch event on 25th April 2019 at Goldeneye filming commenced at Port Antonio three days later.

Some of the first shots were filmed at the square at junction of West Street and William Street. Here Daniel Craig was seen driving the blue open top Land Rover with Jeffrey Wright also on location.

Other locations included the site of James Bond’s house overlooking the Caribbean, built for the film and then dismantled, and Boundbrook Wharf. Filming also took place at Kingston container terminal on the south of the island.

If you’re visiting Jamaica you can use the map below to find the exact filming locations.

The times given below are taken from the streaming release of No Time to Die. DVD timings will vary slightly due to the variance in playback speed.

1. Sailing Bond is sailing off the northern coast of Jamaica [33:27]. Entering Cocoa Walk Bay [33:35] he moors his boat at the end of a long wooden jetty [33:38].

2. Bond’s house After finding cigar ash outside James Bond enters his house [34:15]

3. Land Rover Bond drives his Land Rover along a dirt road to Port Antonio [35:15]. It may be that the wooden shack where Nomi has parked her Vespa just before this is located close by but not confirmed.

4. Folly Cricket Oval Bond continues along here next to East Harbour near Folly Cricket Oval [35:20].

5. Market Square Shot from Market Square on the junction of West Street with William Street looking northeast towards Harbour Street [35:31]. Bond is driving towards the camera with the colonial era National Commercial Bank with a white tower perched on top, while the orange-red building on the right is LaBest Sports Bar.

6. Felix Leiter in pursuit Felix Leiter’s car follows Bond [35:34]. This shot is just after the turn into West Street from Harbour Street.

7. Market Square Bond drives his Land Rover in the square driving southwest along West Street [35:37].

8. Around the monument After the monument in the centre he turns left and drives all the way round [35:42]. The monument commemorates those locals who died in the World Wars.

9. Bond forces Felix to stop Note the distinctive National Commercial Bank building again in the background as Bond emerges back onto West Street and forces Felix’s car to stop [35:45]. You can clearly see the sign for West Street behind Bond’s head.

10. Logan Ash Logan Ash introduces himself to Bond [35:56]. This is on the corner of Musgrave Market with Market Square – and LaBest Sports Bar – right beyond them.

11. Outside the nightclub Before entering Good ovr Evil nightclub Bond and the two CIA men stand chatting [36:28]. The nightclub doesn’t exist and the scenes in the nightclub were presumably shot on a soundstage.

12. Broken down Bond returns to his Land Rover, only to find it has been hobbled [38:47]. This is down on the seafront where Harbour Street intersects with Fore Shore Road. Behind Bond you can see Piggy’s Jerk Centre, where cast and crew would hang out after filming. The restaurant burnt down after filming but reopened after Daniel Craig and crew members made donations. The restaurant looks different to how it appeared in the film. Bond is just finishing eating something so it looks like he was a customer.

13. Nomi Nomi offers Bond a ride on her Vespa. He hops on behind her as she sets off eastward along Allan Avenue [39:22]. They continue on the road next to the Folly Cricket Oval before arriving back at Bond’s house .

14. Santiago de Cuba Although the production didn’t go to Cuba, the shot of Bond’s boat approaching the mouth of a bay with Nomi’s plane in the foreground is clearly of Santiago de Cuba [44:21]. They did visit Cuba during pre-production to get ideas for the Havana set, so it may be that footage was filmed while on reconnaissance. The shot looks like it makes heavy use of CGI so it is possible it was rendered from a photograph.

15. Arriving in Cuba Bond moors his boat after arriving in Cuba [44:32]. In reality the jetty on which he alights is at Boundbrook Wharf in Port Antonio, where boats were once loaded with green bananas for export.

16. Nomi’s plane When Bond watches Nomi after disembarking her plane she seems to be on the adjacent wharf [44:48].

17. Kingston Container Terminal In these shots the cranes of Kingston Container Terminal can be seen in the distance. Filming did take place here so it is likely the background was added via CGI.

18. Warehouse on the wharf After he and Paloma capture Waldo, Bond takes him to the wharf where he takes Nomi’s plane [56:58]. Once again this was shot at Boundbrook Wharf and the large warehouse here was used to store bananas. Note the Cuban murals painted on the sliding doors of the warehouse. These were overpainted after filming had been completed. Again you can see Kingston container terminal in the distance.


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