For Your Eyes Only

When the Royal Navy’s ability to coordinate the Polaris submarine fleet is compromised, it becomes a race against time to find retrieve the Automatic Targeting Attack Communicator (ATAC) in the Ionian Sea before the Russians get hold of it.

When a marine biologist employed by the British to find the ATAC is murdered by a Cuban hitman, 007 is sent to Spain to find out who ordered the hit. However, when the hitman himself is killed, Bond’s job is suddenly made more complicated.

With the assistance of Q, one of the heavies on in Spain is identified, and so 007 heads for the Italian ski resort of Cortina, where several attempts are made on his life. However, he learns from Greek businessman Aris Kristatos that his former business partner, Milos Columbo, may be involved.

Bond travels to Corfu where he meets with Kristatos; however, after being captured by Columbo’s men things turn out to be not quite as straightforward as they seem…

What we say

Based on two Ian Fleming short stories, For Your Eyes Only was a welcome return to moderation after the excesses of Moonraker and ranks as one of the strongest of Roger Moore’s films.


Original release

Premiere: 24th June 1981 at the Odeon Leicester Square
US: 26th June 1981

Principal crew

Director John Glen
Screenplay Richard Maibaum &
Michael G Wilson
Producer Albert R Broccoli
Music Bill Conti
Editor John Grover
Production Design Peter Lamont
Cinematography Alan Hume


Roger Moore James Bond
Carole Bouquet Melina Havelock
Topol Milos Columbo
Lynn-Holly Johnson Bibi Dahl
Julian Glover Kristatos
Cassandra Harris Lisl
Jill Bennett Jacoba Brink
Michael Gothard Locque
John Wyman Erich Kriegler
Jack Hedley Sir Timothy Havelock
Lois Maxwell Miss Moneypenny
Desmond Llewelyn Q
Geoffrey Keen Minister of Defence
Walter Gotell General Gogol
James Villiers Tanner
John Moreno Ferrara
Charles Dance Claus
Paul Angelis Karageorge
Toby Robins Iona Havelock
Jack Klaff Apostis
Alkis Kritikos Santos
Stag Theodore Nikos
Stefan Kalipha Hector Gonzales
Graham Crowden First Sea Lord
Noel Johnson Vice Admiral
William Hoyland McGregor
Paul Brooke Bunky
Eva Reuber-Staier Rublevich
Fred Bryant Vicar
Robbin Young Girl in Flower Shop
Graham Hawkes Mantis Man
John Wells Denis Thatcher
Janet Brown The Prime Minister


  • Glühwein
  • Ouzo
  • White wine
  • Champagne


Citroen 2CV (1980)


  • “I’m a good judge of man. You have what the Greeks call ‘thrausos’ – guts! “
  • “Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.”
    “That’s putting it mildly, 007!”
  • “Now put your clothes back on, and I’ll buy you an ice cream.”
  • “All right, keep your hair on!”
  • “Take the low road… Not that low!”


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