The drinks of No Time to Die

What does James Bond drink in No Time to Die? Here we attempt to give a definitive answer.

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t yet seen the film then please remember that this article may contain spoilers. Continue at your own risk!

From my initial viewings of No Time to Die I compiled an initial list of all the alcohol consumed by James Bond in the film. That initial bare bones list has grown thanks to rewatching the film and input from a number of people, whom I’d like to thank.

If you think something is missing or suggest a correction then please leave a comment below.

No Time to Die sees James Bond drink quite a variety of different brands, including Bollinger Champagne in Italy; Heineken, Blackwell Rum, and Johnny Walker Black Label scotch in Jamaica; vodka martinis and a so far unidentified spirit in Cuba; and a glass of Q’s Château Angélus in London.

Let’s look at those in detail.


Bond and Madeleine each have a glass of champagne beside their bed in the hotel in Matera. Another viewing is required to see if a Bollinger bottle can be seen clearly. It wouldn’t be the first time that Bollinger is listed as a partner but not appeared in the film.


When Bond meets Felix Leiter and Logan Ash in a bar in Jamaica they drink bottles of Heineken. Ash may be drinking Heineken 0.0. Bond leaves the two CIA men at their table and orders a scotch for himself at the bar. He drinks it there as Felix joins him.

Returning to his house with Nomi, Bond pours himself a glass of Blackwell Rum. Later, while talking to her, he pours a glass of what looks like Johnny Walker Black Label – a frame by frame viewing should confirm this.


When Bond meets Paloma she is standing at a bar drinking with what looks like “Cola Cereza” (Cherry Cola) on the bottle. It looks like a generic brand, which could be Cuban or it may have been made for the film. After Bond changes they order vodka martinis at the bar ahead of their mission. They are made with Smirnoff Red.

At the SPECTRE meeting Bond grabs a tray from a waitress, uses it to take out one of the SPECTRE heavies, then gulps down the martini that was on the tray.

After escaping from SPECTRE Bond and Paloma find themselves at the bar. Bond pours them each a glass of some amber liquid from a square bottle. Since the scene is set in Cuba it seems like it should be rum, but it could equally be whisky or any other amber coloured drink.

It’s been suggested that this is Johnny Walker Black Label, but it is definitely not. The bottle does appear to have a black label marked 7 years and has vertical text in white obscured by Bond’s hand that ends SO (or perhaps 50). After Bond and Paloma down their drinks the bottle is left on the counter. It may be possible to identify it when watching frame by frame.


When Bond visits him in his office, M pours himself a couple of glasses of whisky causing Bond to rebuke him. “God, you’re thirsty at the moment”, he tells him.

It’s probably a single malt Scotch whisky but needs to be confirmed. The label looks like it’s green but even that needs to be confirmed.

At Q’s house Bond pours himself and Moneypenny a glass of the red wine that is on the table while a rather stressed out Q helps Bond and cooks while awaiting his date. The wine is, once again in the Daniel Craig era, Château Angélus.

Thanks to David Smythe, James Stevenson, Phil Nobile Jr, Adam Dicker and David T Smith for suggestions to this page.

David Leigh founded The James Bond Dossier in 2002. A fan of 007 since the age of 8, he is also author of The Complete Guide to the Drinks of James Bond. You can order a copy here if you don't own it already.

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22 Responses to “The drinks of No Time to Die”

  • Joseph Darlington

    I caught the Château Angélus too, but I wasn’t 100% it was the same! Nice call back to Casino Royale! nice catch David!

  • David Leigh

    I can’t take all the credit. I read somewhere that it was returning in No Time to Die in this scene but don’t remember where!

  • David Smythe

    Thanks David, for the informative details, of the various drinks which are seen throughout the movie. I do believe that you’ve found all of them! And I’ve seen the movie 4 times now, (3 times on the IMAX).
    I, along with yourself, and all of the other Bond fans, do look forward to the home versions becoming available. But the big screen is the only way to first watch any Bond movie. And we can all be very grateful to Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson for ensuring this in the future, otherwise Amazon would no doubt offer streaming downloads.

  • John Murphy

    Hi David. John here. Thank you for the Bond drinks write-up you did. Really good. I would love to see you write more about Bond. Especially Bond in the nightclub. What’s the name of Bond’s car in the new movie? I am a Neptune Basketball follower and going to the game tonight in Cork. Does Bond like Basketball!?

  • Adam Dicker

    Great article David! There is one other drink that no one has identified yet though, which is the drink he pours himself in his bedroom with Nomi (after the Blackwell rum he pours on entry to his home). It’s hard to say from the bottle; my best guess is that it’s the Johnny Walker Black Label.

  • James G Lawless

    I am77yrs old I have read all the books written regarding 007 , I have also seen all the movies up to date now, it’s the most I have ever seen Bond drink in his latest movie, also may I add Johnny Walker Black label is a Blended whisky not a malt whisky, as I used to work in the Glen Mhor Distillery Inverness highland Scotland until it closed down in 1983 ,the only disappointing thing about the bond movie s they never introduced. His Scottish housekeeper her name was May she is in the books , Bond will be back as he has no time to day , regards James Lawless..

  • John

    thats great James. You can notice small things. Can you tell what the book is the best to read.

  • James G Lawess

    Hi there John my favorite is casino Royale but that’s me you will have to search them out and make up your own mind, I liked them all Ian Fleming wrote other books as well as his Bond ones , you will have to look them up on the internet , regards James Lawless,

  • James G Lawess

    Hi there John my favorite is casino Royale .

  • John

    I’ll read all the Bond books in my local library. Do you know of any Christmas-related Bond stories?

  • James G Lawless

    Hi John the only one i can think of is OHMS but that may be only the film? I F has written 2non Bond books thrilling Cities and the other one I think is called the Diamond Smugglers ? Regards James Lawless, Inverness highland Scotland.

  • David T Smith

    @Adam Dicker. Adam, I think you’re right about the Johnnie Walker Black Label – I think the bottle has changed since it was filmed but the distinctive rectangular back label and the black top is the giveaway I think.

    M’s Scotch is difficult to decipher as is the blue bottle poured at the bar. That same bar does have Mermaid Gin on the back bar though (from the Isle of Wight) goodness know how it go to Cuba!

  • James G Lawless

    Anyway all you Bond fans out there he will be back, think of the title No Time To Die ? The clues in the name ? Regards James G Lawless Inverness highland Scotland..

  • John Murphy

    Hi James, thank you so much for all of the information. I’ll check them out.

  • John Murphy

    Thanks for the email I received today. Would love to hear more information about Casino Royale please, especially about the car(s) in the movie, Bond’s watch and suit? John

  • Noel

    I think there was a Laphroaig on M’s tray

  • Eddie

    Having just watched the Cuba bar scene back again, the bottle that Bond pours out of definitely has the word “Tequila” on it between the “7” and the “SO.” Would love to know if anyone has any leads on this mystery Tequila.

  • David Leigh

    OK, that’s a great spot. I can’t make out what it says but if you’re viewing in 4k probably you can.
    Let me see what I can find out…

  • John Murphy

    Merry Christmas everyone (and Happy New Year)! I’m enjoying the Bond newsletter.

  • Rick Douglas

    Does anyone know what brand of crystal tumbler was used in the scene at the end of No Time to Die when M and others toast James Bond? They’re drinking whiskey and the glasses are stunning.

  • John Murphy

    Hi everyone,
    Hope all who read this board have happy new year!
    John Murphy from Cork

  • James W.

    I am 95% sure that the bottle M pours in his office is Smith & Cross rum! It’s a terrific JAMAICAN Navy strength pot still rum, with a serious funk. I’d recognize that dark blue with gold print label anywhere, and the color of the spirit lines up.

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