After agent 009 is found dead at the British Embassy in East Berlin dressed as a clown and carrying a Fabergé egg that turns out to be fake, James Bond is ordered to investigate.

After a bidding war at auction in London against an exiled Afghan prince, Kamal Khan, 007 finds himself travelling to India to investigate Khan further.

Here he is introduced to the mysterious Octopussy, who tells Bond that Khan is being supplied priceless Soviet treasures by a renegade general who is replaceing them with fakes.

After escaping an assassination attempt, Bond heads for East Germany where he finds the stakes are far higher than mere Soviet art treasures and the renegade Russian generals real intentions.

What we say

Another disastrous outing for 007; the plot is confused, the villain is weak and Moore is getting just too old for the role. But, to cap it all, James Bond dresses as a clown!


Original release

Premiere: 6th June 1983 at the Odeon Leicester Square
US: 10th June 1983

Principal crew

Director John Glen
Screenplay George MacDonald Fraser,
Richard Maibaum &
Michael G Wilson
Producer Albert R Broccoli
Music John Barry
Editor Peter Davies & Henry Richardson
Production Design Peter Lamont
Cinematography Alan Hume


Roger Moore James Bond
Maud Adams Octopussy
Louis Jourdan Kamal Khan
Kristina Wayborn Magda
Kabir Bedi Gobinda
Steven Berkoff Gen. Orlov
David Meyer Twin One
Tony Meyer Twin Two
Desmond Llewelyn Q
Robert Brown M
Lois Maxwell Miss Moneypenny
Michaela Clavell Penelope Smallbone
Walter Gotell Gogol
Vijay Amritraj Vijay
Albert Moses Sadruddin
Geoffrey Keen Minister of Defence
Douglas Wilmer Jim Fanning
Andy Bradford 009
Philip Voss Auctioneer
Bruce Boa U.S. General
Richard LeParmentier U.S. Aide
Paul Hardwick Soviet Chairman
Suzanne Jerome Gwendoline
Cherry Gillespie Midge
Dermot Crowley Kamp
Peter Porteous Lenkin
Eva Reuber-Staier Rublevitch
Jeremy Bulloch Smithers
Tina Hudson Bianca
William Derrick Thug with Yo-yo
Stuart Saunders Major Clive
Patrick Barr British Ambassador
Gabor Vernon Borchoi
Hugo Bower Karl
Ken Norris Colonel Toro
Tony Arjuna Mufti
Gertan Klauber Bubi
Brenda Cowling Schatzi
David Grahame Petrol Pump Attendant
Brian Coburn South American V.I.P.
Michael Halphie South American Officer
Susanne Dando Gymnast Supervisor
Roberto Germains Ringmaster
Richard Graydon Francisco the Fearless



Mercedes-Benz 250SE (1963)


  • “Spend the money quickly, Mister Bond.”

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