Montesa Cota 4RT – the Quantum of Solace motorbike

Montesa Cota 4RTWhen James Bond sees Camille in apparent trouble at the docks at Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in Quantum of Solace he takes charge of a motorcycle to lead his attack.

The bike in question has been identified as a Montesa Cota 4RT trial bike, which is manufactured by the Spanish subsidiary of Honda, Montesa Honda.

Montesa was formed in 1944 in Barcelona, when Pedro Permanyer and Francisco Xavier “Paco” Bultó formed a company to make gas powered motorcycles.

After the success of their first 95cc model, they designed an improved 125cc roadster, which became success on the rally and race circuits of the early 1950s, including the first three places on the 1956 ultra-lightweight Isle of Man TT.

The company’s bikes continued their success on and off road, but by the early 1980s the Spanish economy was in poor shape and stikes were commonplace, leaving them the only significant motorcycle manufacturer in Spain; however, they were in poor shape and require re-funding to keep the business viable.

In the end the company was saved by the Spanish government and Honda; the latter eventually bought the majority of shares in the company and set about modifying production facilities.

The four-stroke Montesa Cota 4RT was introduced in 2005.

Original photo courtesy of Toni Bou.

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