Bond 26 not yet started says Barbara Broccoli at BFI event honouring Christopher Nolan

At a BFI event honouring Christopher Nolan, Barbara Broccoli repeated her usual refrain about no progress on Bond 26.

Bond 26

In a glittering ceremony in London on Wednesday night, the British Film Institute bestowed its prestigious Fellowship Award on Christopher Nolan, celebrating his illustrious contributions to cinema. The event, marked by an array of stars and cinema luminaries, also became a focal point for speculation and excitement about the future of the James Bond franchise.

Barbara Broccoli, custodian of the Bond legacy, was present, offering a tantalizing yet familiar refrain on the status of Bond 26. She reiterated, “there’s nothing I can tell you about the next Bond film. There’s nothing. Nothing is happening yet,” a statement that has dampened hopes among fans eagerly awaiting news on the next chapter of the iconic spy series.

Amid the cinematic celebration, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak seized the opportunity to infuse the evening with humour, playfully suggesting his readiness for a role in the Bond saga. His jest, “Barbara, I hear you might be casting for a special vacancy… I’m your man,” was met with laughter, highlighting the enduring appeal of Bond across different spheres of British life.

Nolan himself was silent on Bond 26 and has explicitly denied involvement with on multiple occasions. Despite being often touted by fans as an ideal candidate, Nolan’s preference for creative control is at direct odds clash with Eon Productions’ established approach. This disparity in creative vision a Nolan-directed Bond film unlikely despite the fervent desire among fans for such a collaboration.

The night also saw Denis Villeneuve, acclaimed director of Dune, expressing his childhood fascination with Bond, describing the character as a “charismatic figure” he has adored. Notably he was in talks with Eon about directing the film that eventually became No Time to Die but elected to pursue his dream of filming Dune.

Source: Deadline

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One Response to “Bond 26 not yet started says Barbara Broccoli at BFI event honouring Christopher Nolan”

  • Michael Aiken

    I’ve been a Bond afficinado for most of my 69 years. I’ve read all of Fleming’s works and made pilgrimages to all the Bond movies when they were in the cinema. I walked out of Moonraker as it became a self parody for my taste. I was brought back with Dalton, Brosnan, and Craig. But when Broccli killed of Bond in No Time To Die I refused to watch it. What was the point? Once Broccli killed off the main character I see no point in going on as it is an insult to anyone’s intelligence that has been a Bond afficinado. I’m done with the franchise.