Nolan denies Bond 26 involvement

Christopher Nolan’s denial casts a shadow on Bond 26’s prospect for a 2025 release.

In a recent interview with Krystia Fauria for Associated Press, acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan quashed swirling rumours linking him to the director’s chair for Bond 26.

The interview primarily focused on the promotion of the home release of his latest film, Oppenheimer. Concluding a short segment about the ending of the actor’s strike, Fauria inquired about Nolan’s possible involvement in the next James Bond instalment. Nolan laughed off the speculation, replying:

No, sadly no. No truth to those rumours.

This categorical denial follows recent reports suggesting ongoing negotiations between Nolan and Eon Productions for the direction and scripting of two Bond films, with the actor in the iconic role yet to be confirmed.

Nolan’s name has frequently emerged in discussions about potential directors for Bond 26 and there has been a persistent buzz within the Bond fan community for some time associated with his name. Many fans remain unconvinced, considering the possibility that Nolan might be misdirecting.

The filmmaker’s previous comments expressing his deep admiration for the Bond franchise have only fuelled some fans’ suspicions. They fervently hope for Nolan to take the reins of Bond 26, envisioning his distinct cinematic style bringing a fresh perspective to the iconic spy series. Nolan’s penchant for intricate storytelling and cinematic innovation aligns with the aspirations of these Bond fans.

The clock is now ticking for a director announcement and a 2025 release looking decidedly shaky. That would require shooting commences in late 2024.

But that needs a director on board to kick a script into shape and make some big decisions – such as casting a new Bond. Don’t expect a director to be announced the moment he signs, but there will likely be some solid indications when that happens.

All the uncertainty leaves fans clutching for the shadows of any kind of news at all.

Thanks to Bill Koenig.

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One Response to “Nolan denies Bond 26 involvement”

  • Michael

    Nolan’s refusal doesn’t mean anything. What he needs to have in his hands is a script that will fit him & the producers agenda. He’d be making a mistake if he didn’t at least helm one Bond film. Time will tell~!