Strike action by writers and actors likely to delay Bond 26

Disruption to movie industry due to walkout likely to have ramifications for Bond 26.

Bond 26

The ongoing writers strike and the recent addition of actors to the strike could well delay the production of Bond 26. The strike began on May 2, 2023, and has put a halt to all writing for film and television. On top of that the actors’ union SAG-AFTRA joined the Writers Guild of America (WGA) after unanimously voting to walk out.

The strike is a major disruption to the entertainment industry, and it is likely to have a significant impact on the production of Bond 26. It is unclear how much work has been done on the Bond 26 script, it any at all, but it is likely that the strike will delay work on the film. The strike has already delayed the start of production on several other films and television shows, and it is unclear when it will end.

The financial implications of the strike for the entertainment industry are also significant. The strike has already cost the industry millions of dollars, and it is likely to cost even more if it continues for an extended period of time.

The WGA, SAG-AFTRA, and the AMPTP are currently in negotiations, but it is unclear if they will be able to reach a resolution soon. The strike is a major challenge for both sides, and it is possible that it could drag on for several more months. They are unhappy with earnings from streaming shows and want to ensure they are not replaced by AI tools.

The James Bond series has been affected by writers strikes in the past. The most notable example is the 2007-08 strike, which delayed the production of Quantum of Solace. The strike began in November 2007, just a few months before Quantum of Solace was scheduled to start filming. As a result, the writers were unable to work on the script, and when filming began Daniel Craig had to rewrite some of the scenes himself.

The impact of the strike was evident in the final film. Many fans felt that the film was not as good as it could have been if the writers had been able to work on it properly.

The 2007-08 writers strike was not the only time that the James Bond series has been affected by a writers strike. In 1988, the writers went on strike during the production of Licence to Kill. As a result, the film had to be delayed, and the script was rewritten by a different team of writers.

The 1988 writers strike was not as significant as the 2007-08 strike, but it did have some impact on Licence to Kill, and some fans felt that the script was not as strong as it could have been.

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2 Responses to “Strike action by writers and actors likely to delay Bond 26”

  • Per Olav

    Are Purvis & Wade members of WGA? Don’t they work (mainly) out of the UK, so I wonder if they’re members of a British writer’s union?

  • David Leigh

    I imagine they are members of the UK union, which instructed members not to work on US projects during the strike. It’s difficult to know whether this affects directly Purvis and Wade or not. Although Bond is usually considered British, it is financed from the US. And it is also down to how politically minded the pair are. While they might be technically allowed to write, they may not want to out of solidarity with the US writers. And then there is the question of other writers. The Bond scripts are pretty much always worked on by US writers. So I don’t think it’s as all that straightforward as Purvis and wade just being British, although I do think it’s a great point.