Bond 26 not even started

Ahead of the release of the new 007-themed TV show, Road to a Million, Barbara Broccoli says no work has yet been done on Bond 26.

Bond 26

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Barbara Broccoli, the producer behind the James Bond franchise, shared insights into the post-Daniel Craig era. The interview primarily focused on a forthcoming TV show 007: Road to a Million. However, Broccoli’s remarks also shed light on the timing of Bond 26 and its key developments.

It’s been two years since Daniel Craig’s final portrayal of James Bond in No Time to Die, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the announcement of the next 007. Barbara Broccoli revealed that the process of reinventing the iconic character for Bond 26 has not yet commenced, emphasizing that there is a “big road ahead” for this transformation.

Broccoli stressed the importance of ensuring that the next Bond film reflects the changes that have occurred in the world since Daniel Craig’s introduction as the sixth James Bond. She noted that Bond has been successfully reinvented in the past, such as when Goldeneye was released, defying expectations that the character was no longer relevant. This underscores the necessity of modernization each time a new actor assumes the role.

With Daniel Craig, the focus was on creating a 21st-century hero, and Broccoli credited Craig with allowing an exploration of the character’s emotional depth. She also highlighted that the world was ready for this evolution. Importantly, she emphasized that Bond films are a reflection of the times in which they are created, and the process of reinventing the character for the next chapter has not yet begun.

In light of these insights, it’s reasonable to conclude that the selection of a director and actor for Bond 26 may be further delayed than previously anticipated. Broccoli’s comments suggest that the film’s production timeline has not yet been set in motion. As Bond fans eagerly await the next instalment in the iconic film series, it’s clear that patience will be required, as the reinvention of James Bond for the post-Craig era is yet to begin.

Source: The Guardian

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