James Bond soundtracks

One of the key elements to the James Bond films is undoubtedly the soundtracks. While Monty Norman was responsible for composing the James Bond Theme, it was John Barry’s arrangement that made the track so iconic.

It is little wonder that he was chosen to provide the scores for so many of the films afterwards, and after Dr No, worked on all the early Bond films; his fusion of rock and jazz sounds provided the perfect accompaniment to the on-screen action.

In this section we’ll be bringing you regular articles on the James Bond soundtracks, starting with Dr No.


  • Barry’s sexy themes gave 007 swing [Variety]

    Variety is taking a look at 50 years of James Bond on the big screen.

  • 50 Years of Bond Music

    50 years of James Bond2012 sees the 50th anniversary of the most enduring film franchise in cinema history.  By the golden anniversary of 1962’s Dr No, there will have been 23 James Bond adventures featuring six 007s, countless Bond villains, hundreds of beautiful Bond girls and almost two dozen of the most instantly recognisable theme songs in cinema history.

  • Quantum of Solace soundtrack

    After the excellent reaction to Daniel Craig’s first outing as 007 in Casino Royale, much was expected of the follow-up, Quantum of Solace.  An original story following on directly from the end of the previous instalment, the 22nd James Bond movie once again turned to an old hand to provide the soundtrack.

  • Thomas Newman to compose Skyfall score [MI6]

    Our friends at MI6 have received word that Thomas Newman will be scoring the Skyfall soundtrack in place of David Arnold, the regular Bond composer since Tomorrow Never Dies.

  • Live And Let Die soundtrack

    Part of the charm of the Bond series is that although the basic ideas and characters have remained consistent throughout, aspects of the films have changed during its unprecedented forty year success.

  • Diamonds Are Forever soundtrack

    James Bond producers Harry Saltzmann and Cubby Broccoli decided to change direction for the seventh movie in the series, Diamonds Are Forever.

  • David Arnold podcast available online

    Neatly dovetailing with our current series on the James Bond soundtracks, David Arnold was recently invited speak after a concert by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra in which they played music from several of his film scores including Casino Royale, which is now available as a podcast.

  • Quantum of Solace soundtrack – OST track list

    After his success with the soundtrack for Casino Royale, David Arnold's return for the Quantum of Solace soundtrack was assured.