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A hub for articles on the locations appearing in the books and films.

As well as fast cars, glamourous women, high stakes gambling and vodka martinis James Bond is synonymous with exotic locations. It’s unsurprising really as Ian Fleming was well travelled and owned a villa in Jamaica, Goldeneye,  where he wrote the books.

On this page we’ve collected numerous articles on the locations from the books and films so you can find them easily. While not all books or films are currently covered, the Daniel Craig era is covered in its entirety. So whether you’re planning a trip to one of these places or just want to armchair travel, read on and follow the links to the articles of interest!

Locations from the books

James Bond books are set in a variety of locations around the world. From the glamorous casino of Royale-les-Eaux to the dangerous streets of Istanbul, and from the streets of New York to the swamps of Jamaica, Bond has been to some interesting places.

All but one of the books is set overseas, with only the events of Moonraker entirely taking place around London and the southeast of England.

Filming locations

With Ian Fleming’s connection to Jamaica it’s little wonder he sent his hero there on a number of occasions. So that’s where they headed for the first Bond film, Dr No. The film makers returned to the island for Roger Moore’s first outing as 007, Live and Let Die, and more recently for Daniel Craig’s Bond swansong, No Time to Die.

Istanbul is another city that has been featured prominently in both the books and films. In From Russia with Love we see Bond traveling to Istanbul to meet his contact, Tatiana Romanova. The city is also featured briefly in The World is Not Enough and more prominently in the opening scene of Skyfall, where we see Bond chasing a villain through the streets.

Monte Carlo is one of the most well-known gambling destinations in the world. The city’s most famous casino in is the Casino de Monte-Carlo, which has been featured in Goldeneye, as well as non-Eon film Never Say Never Again.

More more recent films have made extensive use of UK locations, including London. And Scotland appeared extensively in the third act of Skyfall. Other recent locations include Prague and Karlovy Vary in Czechia, Panama City, Norway, Morocco and numerous locations across Italy including Rome, Venice and the absolutely spectacular Matera.

Below you’ll find reports from a number of filming locations used in the James Bond films.

Here we take a deep dive into the filming locations of the recent James Bond films.

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