Goldeneye, Jamaica, and James Bond

Many Bond fans dream of staying at Goldeneye. Jamaica awaits – here’s what to expect!

Ian Fleming's winter getaway, Goldeneye. Jamaica appears in several of his books.

Ian Fleming’s villa at Goldeneye, Jamaica. Photo by Banjoman1

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As the former home of Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond, Goldeneye has historical and cultural significance. This picturesque property, located near Oracabessa in Jamaica, served as Fleming’s winter retreat and was the birthplace of his hero. It was here that Fleming penned his Bond adventures, often drawing direct inspiration from the stunning surroundings and Caribbean ambiance.

Today, Goldeneye operates as an exclusive Jamaican resort that caters to travellers seeking a luxurious and tranquil getaway. The property offers a range of accommodation, including villas and cottages nestled amidst lush gardens and overlooking the azure waters. Guests can immerse themselves in the literary heritage by staying in Fleming’s original villa, which has been meticulously preserved and transformed into an elegant retreat.

Goldeneye provides a plethora of amenities and activities, such as private beaches, water sports, spa facilities, and gourmet dining options. The resort offers a sense of seclusion and relaxation, allowing visitors to unwind in a setting that inspired one of the world’s most beloved fictional characters.

Exploring the area around Goldeneye reveals additional attractions, including Dunn’s River Falls, Ocho Rios, and the Blue Mountains, famous for their coffee plantations. Visitors can indulge in water activities like snorkelling, diving, or simply bask in the sun on pristine beaches.

All in all, Goldeneye is a captivating destination that combines natural beauty, literary history, and luxurious accommodations. It offers a unique experience for those seeking a blend of relaxation, adventure, and a glimpse into the luxurious world of James Bond.

Ian Fleming’s Jamaican haven

In the aftermath of World War II, Ian Fleming, a journalist and former naval intelligence officer, sought solace and inspiration away from the bustling city life. He had previously visited Jamaica in 1943 and was captivated by the island’s natural beauty and vibrant culture.

After the war he bought a suitable plot of land overlooking the sea in Oracabessa and had a house built to his own design. The house featured a spacious living room and Caribbean-style slatted shutters for the tropical breeze. And at the end of the property was a sandy beach and vibrant coral reef. In December 1946 he finally visited his house, spending the winter there every year until his death

Naming it Goldeneye, after a wartime operation he had been involved in, the house became his private oasis, a place where he could retreat from the world, immerse himself in nature, and indulge in his passions.

Fleming’s times at Goldeneye were marked by a deep appreciation for the natural wonders of Jamaica. He explored the vibrant marine life, taking to the sea every morning with his snorkel, and became an avid underwater explorer. The tranquillity and beauty of the estate provided fertile ground for his creativity.

It was within the tranquil walls of Goldeneye that Fleming, in 1952, embarked on his literary journey with the creation of his iconic character, James Bond.

The birth of James Bond

In February 1952, Fleming began to write his first novel. He later said – rather ungraciously – that he started writing to take his mind of his impending wedding. His long term lover, Ann Rothermere, was pregnant and in 1950s Britain he had to do the decent thing.

Casino Royale, published the following April, introduced readers to the enigmatic secret agent and his world of espionage, high living and thrilling adventures. The book was an immediate success and the first edition quickly sold out.

From then on Fleming continued to write the Bond novels from his tropical haven. But more than inspire him to  write there, the lush landscapes, colourful characters and allure of the Caribbean found their way into the pages of a number of his stories too.

The video below is an interview with Ramsay Dacosta who worked as a gardener for Fleming for about three years. He recalls how he would shin up the coconut tree for coconuts for the Jamaican classic, rice and peas, and how “Commander Fleming” would go down to the gazebo each morning to write – not the corner desk in the master bedroom at which he was sometimes photographed working – although he is under the impression Fleming wrote the films, rather than a series of books.

Jamaica’s influence on 007

Jamaica’s significance in the Bond books extends far beyond its role as a mere backdrop. It serves as a vibrant and integral part of the Bond universe, thanks to the influence of Goldeneye and the rich depiction of the island’s landscapes, culture, and characters in several of Fleming’s novels.

My own life has been turned upside down at, or perhaps even by, the small house named ‘Goldeneye’ I built on the north shore, and by my life in Jamaica.
Ian Fleming, quoted by Matthew Parker in Goldeneye: Where Bond was Born

Goldeneye, as Ian Fleming’s Jamaican sanctuary, imbued the Bond books with a sense of authenticity and personal connection to Jamaica. The estate’s idyllic setting and tranquil atmosphere served as a muse for Fleming, shaping the world in which James Bond would thrive. Goldeneye’s allure and charm were infused into the fictional realm, allowing readers to experience the same captivating environment that inspired Fleming’s writing.

Jamaica’s breath-taking landscapes play a prominent role in a number of the Bond books. Fleming expertly transports readers to the island’s stunning locales in Live and Let Die, Dr No, The Man With the Golden Gun and Octopussy. The vivid descriptions of Jamaica’s natural wonders bring the setting to life, creating a sense of adventure and escapism for readers as they follow Bond’s missions across the island.

Through Goldeneye’s influence and the vivid portrayal of Jamaica’s landscapes, food, culture, and characters, readers are transported to a world that captures the essence of the Caribbean paradise. It showcases Jamaica as a place of beauty, adventure, and intrigue, forever intertwined with the legacy of James Bond.

Goldeneye after Fleming

After Ian Fleming’s death, Goldeneye was only used occasionally and eventually put on the market. In 1976 Chris Blackwell showed Bob Marley around the property. Although it is sometimes reported that Marley owned Goldeneye, according to Matthew Parker, in Goldeneye: Where Bond was Born: Ian Fleming’s Jamaica, the legendary reggae musician backed out and Blackwell bought it instead.

Chris Blackwell

Blackwell founded Island Records in 1959 and is considered largely responsible for popularising ska and reggae outside of Jamaica. He worked on Dr No as a location scout and provided advice on local bands for the soundtrack. And his mother, Blanche, not only was a neighbour but was Ian Fleming’s long-term lover. She continued to use Goldeneye’s beach for years after Fleming died.

After buying the property, Blackwell never lived there himself, but he would use the beach and allowed friends and family to at Goldeneye. Jamaica’s influence even touched The Police – Sting famously wrote The Police’s 1983 hit, Every Breathe You Take, while staying at Goldeneye. In 1989 Blackwell sold his stake in Island Records and founded Island Outpost to run a small number of boutique hotels, including the Goldeneye estate, which was enlarged by acquiring nearby land.

Island Outpost

Blackwell’s vision for Goldeneye extended beyond a typical luxury retreat. He aimed to create an authentic Jamaican experience that paid homage to both Ian Fleming and the vibrant culture of the island and since 2007 a number of cottages, beach huts and villas have been added to the original house, now known as the Fleming Villa. Through meticulous attention to detail, Blackwell ensured that the resort’s design and ambiance reflected the essence of Jamaica.

To preserve Goldeneye’s heritage, Blackwell collaborated with local architects and craftsmen to maintain the original architectural features of the property. He carefully incorporated elements of Jamaican culture, such as vibrant colours, traditional crafts, and indigenous materials, into the resort’s design. Blackwell also curated a collection of Ian Fleming memorabilia, which are displayed throughout the property, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the world of James Bond.

Furthermore, Blackwell’s commitment to preserving the natural environment surrounding Goldeneye is evident in the resort’s sustainable practices. The property emphasizes ecological responsibility, implementing measures to reduce its carbon footprint, protect local wildlife, and support the surrounding communities. Goldeneye’s sustainability initiatives align with Blackwell’s dedication to preserving Jamaica’s natural beauty and ensuring its long-term preservation.

In 1995 he founded the Goldeneye Foundation as a philanthropic organization that has undertaken various initiatives to uplift the local community and promote environmental sustainability in Jamaica. Through its programs and partnerships, the foundation strives to make a positive impact on the island’s social, cultural, and ecological well-being.

Goldeneye Foundation

The Goldeneye Foundation works closely with local organizations and experts to implement projects that protect Jamaica’s natural resources, preserve biodiversity, and promote sustainable practices. This may involve initiatives such as reforestation efforts, marine conservation, waste management programs, and renewable energy projects. Through these endeavours, the Goldeneye Foundation seeks to mitigate environmental challenges and create a more sustainable future for the island.

Furthermore, the foundation actively collaborates with various stakeholders, including government bodies, non-profit organizations, and local communities, to maximize its impact. By leveraging partnerships and engaging in dialogue, the Goldeneye Foundation ensures that its initiatives align with the needs and aspirations of the Jamaican people.

The Goldeneye Resort today

Goldeneye resort provides guests with a diverse selection of accommodations, each offering a unique experience blending luxury and the natural beauty of Jamaica.


The Fleming Villa is the historic three-bedroom house that started it all and  offers a glimpse into the iconic author’s world. It features a private pool, dedicated staff, and expansive indoor and outdoor living spaces, making it the epitome of luxury and exclusivity and in the corner of the master bedroom is Fleming’s writing desk.

The other, more recent, accommodations are:

The Beach Villas are spacious and secluded, offering direct access to the beach and stunning ocean views. These villas feature private gardens, outdoor showers, and open-air living spaces, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the tropical surroundings.

Nestled along the serene lagoon, the Lagoon Villas provide a tranquil retreat. These villas feature private docks, where guests can swim or relax while enjoying the picturesque lagoon. The interiors are elegantly designed, combining contemporary amenities with elements of Jamaican craftsmanship.

The single bedroom Beach Huts are located steps away from the beach and offer a cozy and intimate setting. With their thatched roofs and rustic yet comfortable interiors, these charming cottages provide a serene escape for couples or solo travellers.

Ideal for families or small groups, the two-bedroom Beach Cottages provide a spacious and comfortable environment. These cottages offer separate bedrooms, a shared living area, and private outdoor spaces, allowing guests to enjoy privacy while still being connected.


Goldeneye boasts a variety of dining options, including the Gazebo, where guests can savour Jamaican-inspired cuisine with a stunning view of the ocean. The Bizot Bar offers a vibrant atmosphere and a wide selection of cocktails, while the Beach Shack provides a casual and laid-back setting for enjoying light bites and refreshing drinks.

The Field Spa offers a range of rejuvenating treatments inspired by Jamaican traditions. Guests can indulge in massages, facials, and body therapies, all while surrounded by the serene natural beauty of the resort.

The resort offers an array of water sports and activities, including snorkelling, kayaking, paddle boarding, and boat excursions. Guests can explore the vibrant marine life, enjoy the crystal-clear waters, or embark on an adventure along Jamaica’s picturesque coastline.

Goldeneye encourages guests to immerse themselves in the local culture and traditions of Jamaica. Guided tours on offer include visits to nearby attractions, such as Dunn’s River Falls, the Blue Mountains, or local craft markets, providing an opportunity to delve into the island’s heritage and vibrant communities. The resort also organises cultural activities and events, such as live music performances, dance showcases, and storytelling sessions, providing an opportunity to connect with Jamaican heritage and engage with the vibrant spirit of the island.

The natural surroundings offer ample opportunities for guests to connect with nature. They can take leisurely walks along the resort’s beautiful trails, explore the lush gardens, or simply relax on the pristine beaches. The resort’s commitment to environmental sustainability and conservation also provides a chance for guests to learn about and participate in eco-friendly initiatives.

As the former residence of Ian Fleming, Goldeneye offers unique experiences for fans of the iconic spy series. Guests can explore the Bond memorabilia collection, embark on a guided tour focusing on Ian Fleming’s life and inspirations, or even stay in the Fleming Villa, immersing themselves in the world of 007.

Goldeneye offers venues for conferences, meetings, and special events, combining natural beauty with modern facilities. These spaces can accommodate various group sizes and are supported by attentive staff to ensure successful and memorable gatherings.

All in all, Goldeneye provides an array of experiences and activities for guests to enjoy during their stay. From exciting water sports and indulgent spa treatments to guided tours, culinary delights, cultural immersion, and opportunities for nature exploration, the resort ensures a well-rounded and enriching experience that caters to various interests and desires.

Mission Report: Goldeneye

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