The guns of James Bond featuring in the books

A complete list of the guns of James Bond from Ian Fleming’s books.

The table below provides a list of all James Bond’s guns that appear in Ian Fleming’s books.

Fleming made a number of errors with regard to the guns. The descriptions in the list are as described in the books with such errors marked with an asterisk.

Book Gun
Casino Royale (1953) .25 Beretta in a chamois leather shoulder holster

Bond sleeps with a .38 Colt Police Positive with a sawn barrel under his pillow

In his Bentley he has a .45 long-barrelled Colt Army Special* in a concealed holster under the dash

Live and Let Die (1954) .25 Beretta

.38 Colt Detective Special with a sawn barrel. Bond finds this gun on Tee-Hee as he is lying dead or dying

Moonraker (1955) .25 Beretta

Bond shoots a Colt Detective Special at the Secret Service firing range

Long-barrelled .45 Colt Army Special* in car

Diamonds Are Forever (1956) .25 Beretta
From Russia, with Love (1957) .25 Beretta

Bond shoots Nash with his own electrically operated .25 gun hidden in War and Peace

Doctor No (1958) Bond is forced to change to a 7.65mm Walther PPK carried in a Berns-Martin triple draw holster* by the armourer

He also carries a .38 Smith & Wesson Centennial Airweight, which he takes with him to Crab Key

After surviving the obstacle course Bond arms himself with a .38 “regular model” Smith & Wesson from one of Dr No’s men

He also picks up a Remington* carbine from a gun-rack prior to stealing the “dragon” marsh buggy

Goldfinger (1959) Bond removes his Walther PPK and Berns-Martin holster hidden inside a hollowed out book: The Bible Designed to be Read as Literature

In the Aston Martin DB Mark III is a long-barrelled Colt .45 hidden in a secret compartment under the driver’s seat

After killing Goldfinger, Bond picks up his Colt .25 automatic

For Your Eyes Only (1960) In From a View to a Kill Bond uses a long-barrelled Colt .45 in France

For Your Eyes Only sees Bond carrying a Savage 99F with scope across the border from Canada into Vermont as well as his PPK in the Berns-Martin holster*

In Italy during the events of Risico Bond uses his Walther PPK

Thunderball (1961) Bond shoots a hammerhead shark with his Walther PPK after discovering the hijacked plane
The Spy Who Loved Me (1962) Bond hands Viv his Smith & Wesson Police Positive*
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1963) Bond carries his Walther PPK in a soft leather holster attached to his waist
You Only Live Twice (1964) Temporarily assigned the number 7777 for a diplomatic mission, Bond heads for Japan unarmed
The Man With the Golden Gun (1965) Bond tries to kill M using a cyanide gun

In Jamaica Bond carries his trusty Walther PPK on a holster inside his waistband

Bond uses Scaramanga’s gold-plated, long-barrelled, single-action Colt .45 to shoot a plastic pineapple attached to the head of a singer

Octopussy & The Living Daylights (1966) In The Living Daylights Bond uses a .308-calibre Winchester target rifle built for competition shooting fitted with a sniperscope on a mission in West Berlin

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