The James Bond “NATO” strap

Sean Connery debuted the so-called “James Bond NATO strap” in Goldfinger.

A screen capture of Goldfinger Blu-Ray shows Bond’s Rolex Submariner with a poorly fitting tri-coloured nylon strap – the “James Bond NATO strap”.

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about stepping into the shoes of the world’s most iconic spy, James Bond? There’s something undeniably stylish and timeless about the way he carries himself, from his impeccable tuxedos to his choice of accessories. If you’re on a budget but still want to capture a slice of Bond’s suave style, let’s talk about James Bond’s nylon watch straps – a choice that’s as practical as it is stylish.

When it comes to embodying the Bond style on a budget, many enthusiasts look to nylon watch straps. They’ve become synonymous with the spy’s timeless appeal, and it’s easy to understand why. But, before we dive into the details, let’s debunk a common myth. You often hear the term “NATO strap” thrown around when referring to nylon watch straps inspired by James Bond. However, here’s the deal: it’s not quite accurate to call them NATO straps.

A brief history of the NATO strap

The “NATO strap”, or “G-10 strap” as they were often known, was introduced by the British Ministry of Defence in 1973. These rugged, single-piece nylon straps were developed for special forces use, offering durability and security under extreme conditions. The beauty of this type of strap is that even if one spring bar fails, the watch remains attached to your wrist. The picked up the “NATO” moniker from their NATO Stock Number. “G-10” comes from the G-1098 form required to be issued with one.

NATO straps were originally available in Admiralty Grey with the buckle and three keepers made from chrome-plated brass. The 20mm wide nylon strap was 280mm long allowing a watch to be strapped over a uniform or wetsuit. But the strap on which Sean Connery wears his Rolex Submariner in Goldfinger isn’t a NATO strap.

It might look similar, with its distinctive nylon pattern, but it pre-dated the MOD design by nine years. The strap seen is certainly a precursor to the NATO design, a stylish yet practical choice that Bond himself would approve of. On the other hand Omega calls its design, as worn by Daniel Craig in SPECTRE, a NATO strap. It’s not clear it meets the MOD’s past or current specs, but that’s probably irrelevant since “NATO strap” has never been an official designation.

Dress like 007 on a budget: James Bond nylon watch straps

Now that we’ve clarified the terminology, let’s delve into the world of James Bond nylon watch straps and how you can channel your inner secret agent without breaking the bank.

You don’t need to own a Rolex Submariner or Omega Seamaster to wear a NATO strap. There are many more affordable dive-style watches that suit the strap. You certainly don’t need a watch that’s waterproof to 200 or 300 metres, even if you dive. In today’s world of diving, the trusty watch has taken a back seat to the modern marvel of diving computers.

And no one needs a watch waterproof to 200 or 300 metres. Recreational scuba divers usually descend to 18 metres, or up to 40 metres with additional training. Beyond these depths, the potential risks and complexities increase significantly, requiring the specialized equipment and expertise reserved for technical divers.

Now, let’s address the practical side of things. If you’re on a budget but still want a dependable dive style watch to pair with your James Bond NATO strap, we’ve got you covered. Here are some budget-friendly options that not only complement your Bond-inspired look but also serve you well during your underwater adventures:

  1. Seiko SKX: This range of dive watches from Seiko is known for its durability and reliability. With a water resistance of 200 meters, they’re more than capable of handling recreational dives.
  2. Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver: Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology ensures that you never have to worry about changing the battery. This watch also boasts a respectable 200 meters of water resistance.
  3. Orient: Offering excellent value for the price, Orient’s dive watches combines style and functionality. With a water resistance of 200 meters, it’s a great choice for divers on a budget.
  4. Casio: Casio is a budget-friendly option with dive watches that can withstand up to 200 meters of water pressure. They are no-nonsense dive watches that gets the job done.
  5. Invicta Pro Diver: Known for its affordability, the Invicta Pro Diver range comes with 200 meters of water resistance and a classic dive watch design that pairs well with a NATO strap.

These budget dive watches not only make for practical choices in the underwater realm but also add a touch of Bond-inspired elegance to your everyday style. You can find more information and details about these watches on our Amazon Influencer pages (Amazon UK |, helping you make an informed choice that suits your budget and preferences. So, whether you’re exploring the depths or simply making a fashion statement on dry land, your James Bond NATO strap will be right at home.

1. The Goldfinger style: iconic and affordable

If you’re keen on capturing the essence of Sean Connery’s Bond, the Goldfinger style is a fantastic choice. This nylon strap is characterized by its stripes of dark blue and dark green with a narrow band of red separating them. Not only does it look great, but it’s also a cost-effective choice for Bond fans on a budget.

Until the film’s release on DVD and Blue-Ray it was thought that the strap was black and grey. That led to some Bond fans wearing their watches nylon straps in the wrong colours. Including, it turned out, Daniel Craig.

2. The spectre of elegance: sleek and sophisticated

For a more modern Bond look, turn your attention to Daniel Craig’s Omega Seamaster on SPECTRE. The nylon strap on this timepiece boasts a sleek black and grey pattern, exuding sophistication and modernity. It’s an ideal option for those who want to emulate Craig’s cool and suave Bond style.

It is clear that this strap was designed to evoke Sean Connery’s nylon strap from Goldfinger. It’s likely the colours are wrong because of Daniel Craig’s influence. He wore his personal watch, a Rolex Submariner, on what he thought was a replica of the Goldfinger strap. However, he made the common error of wearing a strap with black and grey stripes. While you can buy the SPECTRE strap for a cool €200, there are much more affordable options.

Finding the perfect James Bond strap

When it comes to finding these iconic James Bond-inspired nylon watch straps, you’re in luck. There are numerous online retailers and watch accessory shops that offer affordable options. You might like to check out our Amazon Influencer stores to see what’s available: Amazon UK |

The Bond lifestyle: more than just a strap

Embracing the Bond-inspired nylon watch strap isn’t just about the accessory itself; it’s about embodying the lifestyle. Bond’s world is one of excitement, luxury, and anticipation. His confidence, sophistication, and cool demeanour have left a lasting impact on fans around the world. Wearing a James Bond strap is like stepping into his shoes, even if just for a moment.

As you put on your Bond-inspired strap, you may feel a sense of nostalgia for the classic films that have shaped our perception of style and adventure. It’s a feeling of contentment, knowing that you’re carrying a piece of that iconic world with you.

Whether you’re in a glamorous casino, sipping a martini (shaken, not stirred), or just relaxing in your everyday life, the James Bond strap is a symbol of this captivating world. It’s a small but significant piece of the Bond experience that you can enjoy every day.

Affordable elegance

In the world of watch straps, the James Bond nylon strap reigns supreme. It’s the affordable and stylish choice for anyone who wants to channel their inner 007. While it’s often referred to as a NATO strap, it’s essential to understand its unique history and significance.

So, if you’re on a budget but yearning for a touch of Bond’s iconic style, look no further. The Goldfinger and SPECTRE-inspired nylon watch straps are your ticket to sophistication and confidence, all while staying true to your financial goals. Dress like Bond, feel like Bond, and embrace the suave and timeless allure that makes James Bond a true style icon.

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