James Bond’s weapons

James Bond’s original weapon of choice was a Beretta .25 automatic, which he used on many missions successfully.

However, after almost losing his life to Rosa Klebb in From Russia, With Love due to a silencer catching in the holster, at the beginning of Doctor No we find M asking the armourer, Major Boothroyd, to recommend an alternative.

His answer was to replace Bond’s beloved Beretta with a 7.65mm Walther PPK, with a Smith & Wesson Centennial Airweight .38 for use when “something bigger” is required.

Boothroyd praised the Walther for its light trigger pull and the ability to obtain ammunition for it anywhere in the world.

He critisised the Beretta for being “a lady’s gun” and underpowered. Despite Bond’s criticisms of the Walther, he used it successfully on many missions after. The Smith & Wesson is hammerless to avoid getting caught on clothing and to keep the weight down holds only 5 cartridges.

007 has also been able to use throwing knives, either hidden in the soles of his shoes, as in Goldfinger, or built into his attache case as in From Russia, With Love as well as constructing weapons from materials to hand.

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