New interview with Daniel Craig

May 22nd, 2006 by

Daniel Craig appears in a video interview with Entertainment Tonight. In the interview, which took place on location in Prague, Craig talks about his interpretation of the role, keeping fit and Aston Martins. The interview is in two parts. Click the links below for more details. Video 1 Video 2

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Sony launches Casino Royale website

May 20th, 2006 by

Well it started as a damp squib when the countdown reached zero to display “countdown completed” (big deal), but the wait is finally worth it, with a Flash intensive site giving some background to the story.Visit the Casino Royale website

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Casino Royale teaser trailer: a review

May 4th, 2006 by

So we’ve all seen the Casino Royale trailer by now, so maybe it’s time to sum up what we’ve been given so far. Unfortunately what we’ve got doesn’t look promising. For a start the trailer doesn’t show even a hint of the book, let alone being the faithful adaptation, albeit fleshed out, that Martin Campbell […]

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English language teaser trailer

May 3rd, 2006 by

Following on from the teaser trailer from yesterday, you can now watch the same trailer in English here.

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Casino Royale teaser trailer

May 2nd, 2006 by

The James Bond fan boards have been ablaze since an apparent teaser trailer for the forthcoming Casino Roayle was made available online. Although in French, the trailer shows several clips of Daniel Craig, including some of the action sequences shot on the Bahamas. It was made available on the Internet after being aired of French […]

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