A new era of 007 audio adventures unveiled

Ian Fleming’s iconic tales revived with star-studded narrations for modern listeners.

Ian Fleming Publications, in partnership with HarperCollins US, is to release audio editions of all Fleming’s iconic 007 novels and his two non-fiction works. This venture aims to introduce Bond’s thrilling adventures to a broader audience through captivating narrations by a stellar cast.

The releases will start in the United States with You Only Live Twice on 19th March, voiced by Eleanor Matsuura, to celebrate its 60th anniversary, followed a week later by Casino Royale and Live and Let Die, narrated by Richard Armitage and Adjoa Andoh respectively. These adaptations promise fresh experiences of Fleming’s masterful storytelling, combining suspense, danger, and romance. Fans can look forward to the availability of these audiobooks on major platforms in the US and a UK release by Ian Fleming Publications in early 2025.

This initiative reflects a deep respect for Fleming’s work and the enduring legacy of James Bond, offering a unique opportunity for both longstanding enthusiasts and new listeners to explore the depth and excitement of the Bond saga through the power of voice.

Available to pre-order from Amazon.com

  1. You Only Live Twice
  2. Casino Royale
  3. Live And Let Die

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