Ian Fleming Publications marks 65th anniversary of Goldfinger with Penfold collaboration

Collaboration celebrates Goldfinger’s literary and golfing heritage.

Ian Fleming Publications has announced a partnership with Penfold, the British golfing brand, to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the publication of Goldfinger. The collaboration highlights Fleming’s fondness for golf, which is evident in several of his James Bond novels, including Goldfinger where the game plays a pivotal role. Notably, in the book and its film adaptation, James Bond uses Penfold Hearts golf balls during his memorable match against the villain.

To commemorate this anniversary and Fleming’s connection to golf, two products have been created: The Ian Fleming Golf Journal and The Ian Fleming Writers Pouch.

The Golf Journal, handbound in Stamford, England, allows users to record their golf rounds and statistics, inspired by Fleming’s own experiences. The Writers Pouch is designed for versatility, suitable for carrying either writing or golf accessories, reflecting Fleming’s taste in luxury fabrics and his adventures in writing.

These products are available for purchase on the Penfold website. Additionally, enthusiasts can explore more about Fleming’s interest in golf and his friendship with renowned golfer Henry Cotton through stories featured on Penfold’s platform.

The collaboration between Ian Fleming Publications and Penfold offers fans of James Bond and golf an opportunity to engage with Fleming’s legacy through items that blend his love for writing and golf.

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The Ian Fleming Golf Journal

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