The James Bond Dossier

So begins Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale, first published in April 1953 and the start of James Bond’s literary career. Although criticised at the time for “sex, sadism and snobbery”, the books of Ian Fleming feature a more complex character than found in the films and are full of detail and vivid imagination.

This site, The James Bond Dossier, looks at the character of James Bond, 007, the secret agent with a licence to kill.


  • Additional music in SPECTRE

    spectre-clapperboard-monica-bellucciOne of the best scenes in SPECTRE takes place after Lucia Sciarra returns to her villa following her husband’s funeral.

  • Tale of two Casinos

    After the iconic beach scene from Dr No, perhaps no other image conjures up visions of James Bond more than a casino.

  • The James Bond books

    james-bond-books.jpgWhen Ian Fleming sat down to write the “spy story to end all spy stories” little could he have imagined the phenomenon that would result.

  • James Bond and Wales

    Photo montage by Mallet100 
  , Bart 
  Molendijk , Towpilot 
  and Georgio. 
  Licenced under Creative Commons.With Aston Martin’s recent announcement that they will build a new production plant in Wales, James Bond’s connection to the Land of Song was renewed.

  • The life of Ken Adam

    Ken AdamIn this article we celebrate the life of Ken Adam, the man who was responsible for creating the distinctive look of the early Bond films in his role as Production Designer.

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