Podcast 002: Has Daniel Craig REALLY quit as 007?

My thoughts on whether Daniel Craig has quit as 007 and the constant rumours concerning who will play Bond next.

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David Leigh founded The James Bond Dossier in 2002. A fan of 007 since the age of 8, he is also author of The Complete Guide to the Drinks of James Bond. You can order a copy here if you don't own it already.

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19 Responses to “Podcast 002: Has Daniel Craig REALLY quit as 007?”

  • baldwin collins

    Great podcast David. as the old saying goes don’t Believe everything you read. but as you Mentioned in the podcast during ”spectre’ production Christophe waltz denied playing Blofield, and Sam Mendes also denied that Naome Harris was playing Miss moneypenny in ‘Skyfall’ So it only proves that Eon Productions are really not sure what they’re all about until the film camera is rolling. However if the DailyMail is only spreading rumors Eon productions Hasn’t come out to defend or deny the rumors. I personally don’t Believe that Daniel craig’s Quit Bond But i also Believe some Meeting of some kind has taken place if daniel craig is wondering if he should return as bond he should Hurry up and make-up his mind because the time-span for another bond film is running out.

  • Thomas Mullen

    Craig should leave–now too old for the role–remember Roger Moore? Go with younger actor!

  • David Leigh

    Craig isn’t 50 yet, Roger Moore was 58 when he quit.

    Big difference.

  • Gary Roberson

    Didn’t know you had a new podcast! Good job! Was there a previous one since this is 002? Anyway, re: the subject matter. I enjoy Craig, but the bottom line is…doesn’t the Bond mythos overshadow the performer? My favorite Bond films cross over 4 different actors, and although I prefer one over the others, I’ll go to see the next one that comes out…as long as they don’t make the character politically correct, or something stupid like that. I think what’s more important is the director, and, of course, the writer(s).

  • David Leigh

    I did the first one in November and you participated ;)

    The first one is here.

    I agree, but I’d still like to see Craig do a straight Bond film. M gives him a mission and he goes off and does it.

  • claudio

    Thanks David for all the news. I’m ready to accept (almost) anything BUT that Bond could be turned into a woman (JANE BOND!!!)… this would mean for sure to leave some generations of fans far behind!!!

  • David Leigh

    Agree completely. A franchise with a female MI6 operative with a licence to kill would be fine, but it’s always got to be James.

  • Ira Henkin

    I’m not sure. the average career of a screen Bond seems to be about ten years and he’s about there. i also would like him to stay

  • David Leigh

    He’s got at least one more in him, I’m sure.

  • A j spellwqrd

    Craig should stay the best bond in my opinion by far

  • Troy in Vegas

    Sadly your podcast does not show as available in Overcast which is the app I use to listen to my iTunes podcasts.

  • David Leigh

    Currently the podcast isn’t listed on iTunes. It will be in due course…

  • Ardis

    Bc of Daniel Craig I’ve come to love James Bond (I’m a female btw). Before Craig, I only saw Brosnan as Bond and he didn’t move me to really get into the films. That being said, Craig did big time. And I pray Craig will stay Bond for as long as he can! Him being Bond makes going to the movies all the more exciting to me. I just can’t see anyone else filling his shoes anytime soon but whenever the time comes :( the new Bond will always be disappointing. (and another btw, would enjoy seeing an Idris Elba as Bond rather seeing a woman Bond.)

  • jose coton

    Daniel Craig should stay as Bond. He brought the dinamic action of the first Bond films with Connery. And if he quits, please, remember that Ian Fleming created Bond as a White male, neither woman or black. I believe if the producers change that, the series will loose lots of hardcore fans. Mind you, If they want a woman or a black spy, créate a new series with anews characters, and make them as good as the James Bons films.

  • Elle Smith Fagan

    He did a fine job, but has been “odd” in his comments about the role almost since the start. Negative remarks in all directions sometimes…if that is part of today’s “guystuff” okay, but I listen and I heard his words.

    …his words, in several interviews in leading places in video and print.

    ask me…I will go and find them.

    If he stays we know he will continue to do very well in the role, but I like the more elegant ones. Superfitness and jumping etc are fun and modern but the whole reason for the swooning over Bond was the exciting combination of elegant cultured gentleman with one of life’s most brutal jobs. Dusting the blood off his clothing to change for the club later – and that sort of thing. Sighhhh…. And there is his idealist heart that accepts his grim prognosis, but always hopes the sunny morning and halcyon days of things may be his at the end of his adventures.

    A female Jane Bond? Hmmmmmmm fine , but who do I sigh for in her movies? NOT her, yet , I hope. :-)

  • David Leigh

    It’s not enough to hearing WHAT he says. HOW he says it changes the meaning completely.

    He’s often IRONIC, a very typically British trait that many Americans just don’t get.

  • Stephan Wilczek

    Craig has been the best Bond so far, as well as yhe storylines have vastly improved by relying on humanity rather than “gadgets”.
    Brosnan and Moore were vaudeville compared to Craig. Hope he continues in the role for a couple more films.

  • tony priore

    no female bonds or black actors as bond does not fit char.

  • Stephen Thomson

    In my humble opinion DC has been the best Bond since SC, if only for continuity’s sake we need at least 1 more from DC, but it must be very hard work to keep it going. I emailed a few weeks ago stating I thought Clive Owen would be an excellent Bond, not seen a thing with Tom Huddlestone in and he’s supposed to be the favourite, I’m not racist or sexist but all I ask is MALE and WHITE and 6 ft at least. 007 fan since 1971