Podcast 001: Questions and comments on SPECTRE

Recently I asked readers of to leave an audio message for me with a question or comment about SPECTRE.

Thanks to everyone who got involved in this experiment, which you can listen to below:

I’d love to hear what you think about the podcast. You can leave a comment below or use the contact form to get in touch by email here. Or if you’d prefer to leave an audio message you can do so here.

David Leigh founded The James Bond Dossier in 2002. A fan of 007 since the age of 8, he is also author of The Complete Guide to the Drinks of James Bond. You can order a copy here if you don't own it already.

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5 Responses to “Podcast 001: Questions and comments on SPECTRE”

  • Anthony

    I agree with some of the stuff you said. Some of the scenes should have definitely been slowed down. The main issue with Spectre is that you know and get the impression that there are professional filmmakers who crafted the film. The biggest drawback of this particular film is the screenplay, which was weak.
    The film seems shallow in places.
    Bond 25 will not be very good I think. Christoph Waltz is unlikely to return unless they come up with a great script and a quality director.
    I had my own opinion on what the ending should have been…..Bond and Madeline drive away. Madeline puts her arm on the back of Bonds headset to reveal she is wearing a Spectre ring. She looks at the camera and smiles…They drive away… Roll on Bond 25.
    Basically, it would have been so cool to have had Swann as a Spectre agent all along. Her role is to mess up Bond emotionally (internally). Makes her seem really cold as well, since she knew her father was going to be killed.

    Do try to do more podcasts like this.

    All the best.


  • David Leigh

    Thanks for the comment. That would have made a GREAT ending!

    What topics would you like me to cover in the future?

  • Matthew Miner

    You know what would be really awesome for the next film spoilers of course but what if the blofeld we saw that got took into custody wasn’t actually blofeld but a double or fake and the real blofeld is hiding somewhere else just want to know your thoughts about that. It would also totally discard that blofeld foster brother thing too and plus it would explain why bond was so hesitant to shoot blofeld.

  • Curtis Hicks

    David, my feeling and opinion of Spectre fall in line with yours. It starts and stops with script and character development which were both sadly lacking in Spectre. The producers were trying to appeal to every segment of the Bond audience from the casual viewer to the long term fan of the books and movies, but really didn’t hit the mark on either front. I hate that I waited three years with great anticipation to be so disappointed. Spectre had so much unrealized potential!

    Casino Royale worked on so many different levels because they let the story stand on its own without trying to force the normal Bond elements. The Bond of Casino Royale was a real Bond facing real danger and trying to protect real relationships. Spectre was just a better directed slightly better articulated Quantum of Solace. A movie that I have not been able to sit through to completion for a second time since seeing it in the theatre. I guess I will keep re watching the Connery movies and Casino Royale until the next Bond movie shows up.

  • Paul

    Highly rate Spectre-loads of crash bang and wallop for the great un-washed and fairly deep plot for us anoraks! Felt there was too much going on really-the torture scene a bit out of place,and Blofelds helicopter should have gone overthe bridge with him & left us guessing!Oh and what a waste of the Aston! But brilliant!