Producers interviewed on SPECTRE in Mexico City


The producers of SPECTRE recently held a media junket in Mexico City, where invited journalists were taken behind the scenes on the shoot for the next James Bond film and interviews conducted with principal cast and crew.

One media organisation invited to Mexico was, who were granted an interview with Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson, which you can read in full by following the link below:

[source] asked about the recent teaser trailer for SPECTRE, how to balance classic versus contemporary Bond, whether Miss Moneypenny will be behind a desk and even James Bond Jr. Some key points from the interview are a below:

Title song artist

When asked whether any decision had been made about who would sing the title song, Broccoli replies “We’re still figuring that out. That’s one of the last pieces in the puzzle”. That directly contradicts what Sam Mendes said last year, indicating that the artist had already been selected.

One or two films?

“That’s news to me”, replies Wilson when asked about the rumour that SPECTRE could be two films. However, this idea goes back to the initial idea for John Logan to write the screenplays for two films, which although later confirmed by Mendes, was initially dismissed by Broccoli. Just because the producers deny something doesn’t mean you should believe them, as has been proved time and time again over the last couple of films.

Mexico script changes

The idea that the Mexican authorities insisted on changes to the script were again denied by Broccoli, who said the Day of the Dead scenes were already in the script.


When asked if any cats will appear in SPECTRE Wilson wouldn’t give an answer, simply saying “You wouldn’t think of a white one with a little diamond collar?”

Idris Elba as James Bond

Yes, this question came up again. You can read their reply in the complete interview on

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