Watch the SPECTRE teaser trailer here

The teaser trailer for SPECTRE has just been released online after being announced via social media last week and the date and time confirmed on Thursday.

What do you think of how SPECTRE is shaping up? Leave a comment below!

David Leigh founded The James Bond Dossier in 2002. A fan of 007 since the age of 8, he is also author of The Complete Guide to the Drinks of James Bond. You can order a copy here if you don't own it already.

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45 Responses to “Watch the SPECTRE teaser trailer here”

  • Frank mcgonigle

    Awsome! Can’t wait to see the movie! Thanks David!

  • David johnson

    The trailer for the new Bond movie Spectre is awesome cannot wait to see the movie two days after my birthday!!!

  • Chris

    Bond is a double-agent for MI6 in Spectre

  • Luke

    Like the trailer, shooting went by quick! Things I’m confused on. I thought that the writers were going for humor, but I have no problem with continuing the current darker tone. My prediction is that it is going to be like “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” a Solid film but not the best of the series.

  • Art

    I am not very impressed. I only hope the movie is better than the trailer

  • Kate

    As always I’m sure the ‘SPECTRE’ movie will thrill and delight me as all the others have.

  • David McCarthy

    Looks fantastic. Daniel Craig is the best. I can’t wait.

  • Jbenn

    Very Dark. Thrilling. I hope Spectre is a wild roller coaster of surprises for a long time. The potential is great. I think viewers can handle continuity of villains. Better story > less one off throw away stories.

  • leong pc

    the word teaser aptly describes it. makes you want to see more. will wait patiently for a longer trailer in the months to come. i think the direction of craig’s bond movies are moving more towards bond as a human being, what he thinks, what he feels and especially dwelling into his past.

  • John

    Looks very intriguing. Not much given away on the action front, then this is only a teaser trailer. I see Jesper Christiansen who played Mr White. Is he playing him again or a different character? Can’t wait for next trailer!

  • Tony Nworah

    All I can say is wow!

  • newdeep

    wow! could craig be playing two roles???

  • slylon

    I stayed up for the debut of the trailer well worth the wait very exciting stuff.Love the shot of bond boating through icy mountains cannot wait

  • David Salter

    Thanks David. Looks good. I like the dark, paranoid tone of voice that the Bond films are developing.

  • Roger Pegg

    Looks like another spectacular film. Seems to be following the recent positive track. I can’t wait for it to open.

  • Martiny

    Great voices, great sounds, fantastic landscape, special moments of suspense. Very good: contrasting in comparison to others I have seen. Looking forward to seeing a thrilling movie.

  • Darren Freeman

    Great looks dark cant wait to see more. Thank you

  • Mike Hough

    Spectre appears to be dark and intriguing look forward to the release in November.
    I hope it lives up to Casino Royale and Skyfall.

  • 00Ed

    Great teaser, culminating in our first glimpse of Blofeld in decades. What a thrill!

  • Stephanie Smith

    I watched the trailer on the YouTube for TV channel on my Blu-Ray player last night. It was terrific, and I hope Spectre lives up to what the trailer has promised.

  • Bernard Brulé

    There’s no action scenes in this trailer compared to Casino Royale,Quantum of Solace and Skyfall. I hope not to be disapointed of Spectre.

  • Larry Reynolds

    I think you will find that Mr. White has always a member of SPECTRE. He’s been dropping clues all the way. Pay close attention to his lines in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

  • sowri

    Hi sir
    Nice & that’s what we expect from bond film.

  • Rich Connell

    Sorry David as I experienced more action meeting Richard Kiel (Jaws) at lunch one day in Beverly Hills then this trailer offered.

  • Roco

    Well, this looks good for now! Music is thrilling and reminds me of ( don’t laugh) the game Wolfenstein. This music puts you on the edge of your seat and builds up tension together with darkly filmed non action scenes. I wonder however if they did something to the history of james’youth. Just hope they keep it credible. For now this is the first with daniel that has my attention. Surprise me EON !

  • Mitch Schwartz

    Too much Daniel Craig angst, not enough swinging from the chandelier. Part of the 007 mystique is that each adventure (is an adventure and) is simply something that happens to the same man, without really defining that man. Why the long face, Daniel?

  • Susan

    Intriguing. I’m sure the film will be great!

  • Paul Fewings

    Spectre. I see it as Daniel Craig ad a Special Air Service James Bond. He seems to be counterintelligence. Finding out what is beneath the surface. Sorting it out may be difficult for OO7. I get the feeling he will go through a lot to veto Spectre. Who Dares Wins Commander Bond. A film with suspence/thriller. Totally edge of the seat format.

  • Dale Fisher

    The trailer is awesome – love the replacement DB5 Aston ! It would seem that finally we are to get some of the backstory that led James to become the man he is. I thought Skyfall would be hard to top but this has the potential to do so ,,, cant wait till November

  • Pyrat

    The most interesting thing was the name of the temporary guardian on the document. Great teaser, November seems so far away… Can’t wait!

  • Gary

    I am psyched! This is a perfect teaser – show just enough to whet our appetites and then….WHAM! James Bond Theme!
    I felt a chill go up my spine when I saw the Largo SPECTRE ring!
    Counting the days!

  • Alfie

    Awesome preview, looks like to be a thriller just like casino royal
    Plenty to keep your attention throughout, cannot wait for the film

  • Don Warren

    Awesome!!!! can’t wait, looking like it will be one of the best.

  • Francisco V

    I just can’t wait. As long as I know, the shooting action begins here in Mexico City. With a fight outside of an helicopter flying over down town.

  • Malcolm McNeil

    Is that Michael Wilson standing to the right of 007 as he walks to the balcony?? And I’m not worried about the action….that’s clearly on its way in the next “teaser!” MSM007

  • Sinjumsmile

    Very teasing indeed

  • John Stevens


  • AGC8

    I liked the trailer. Thought it was mysterious. Good lighting. Would have like to hae seen more Bond women. :) Here we get only a second of Monica Bellucci. :) More Bond music would have been better…but I’m nit picking. Looking FWD to Spectre and will be buying it on bluray. :)

  • Martiny

    I like the voices, the sounds and the landscapes. It´s thrilling. I am looking forward to seeing a very good movie ….it is exciting, to know nothing about the story of the film. So, let us wait :-))

  • America de la Rosa

    Can’t wait till November! Thanks for keeping us posted! =D

  • Drew Cook

    Looks interesting. It seems as if, as in “Skyfall,” we’re going to see more of Bond’s family history, evidenced by that tantalizing burned photo fragment… Monica Bellucci, in my opinion, while lovely, is too old for a Bond girl… Hope at least they’ll start the film with the gun barrel sequence, which has been sorely lacking in the Craig 007 films…and hopefully, more James Bond theme music…

  • Chet Algood

    I wonder what forensics of MI6 found at Skyfall?

  • eric taylor

    hello this is going to be a big one i know it cannot wait to see it thanks david

  • Emil Loustau

    A brilliant teaser. Looking to further trailers, nearer the release date. Hope there’s a film tie-in paperback! Would be short sighted of EON to not authorise it, but then they are stupid. Looking forward to the movie.

  • Andrew Nyhuis

    This teaser trailer has me very excited for the movie thanks for the share David