More indications that work on Bond 25 has begun

Until recently a lack of any information seemed to suggest work on Bond 25 has not yet started. But is the film actually much more advanced than we thought?

During the various press interviews at the time of SPECTRE’s release Barbara Broccoli said that work on Bond 25 would begin in the spring 2016. There was some expectation that an announcement of some kind would accompany work officially starting. That could have been to confirm the director, writers or whether Daniel Craig would return or not.

But nothing emerged officially and, until recently, there has been scant information through unofficial channels either. But during the last couple of weeks there have been some hints that work on Bond 25 might be more advanced than we thought.

The first was the story of how a helicopter had been bought from a museum in Germany for use in Bond 25. It seemed incredible that it could really be the case, but the museum confirmed their story on several occasions when asked for clarification.

But now it is more. The Spy Command published a post based on information in this article in Croatian. During a press conference about filming Robin Hood: Origins in Dubrovnik the city’s mayor was asked about the rumour that Bond 25 would shoot there.

“James Bond is in an advanced stage of negotiations”, he responded.

So that’s two stories in the space of around a fortnight indicating that they are currently scouting for locations and buying props. That sounds a lot like they have a script, even if it’s not ready for shooting yet. I’m surprised that we haven’t learnt anything before now, but that could well mean they are looking to start shooting towards the end of the year.

One more story might suggest that Daniel Craig will be back for Bond 25. MI6 reported recently that the boss of Mega will soon meet Daniel Craig. His response?

“I’ll meet with him in two or three weeks, but I’m not the one to decide,” he told the paper. “Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson have this incredible spirit about what they want.”

It’s far from certain but there are some strong indications work has been ongoing on Bond 25.

David Leigh founded The James Bond Dossier in 2002. A fan of 007 since the age of 8, he is also author of The Complete Guide to the Drinks of James Bond. You can order a copy here if you don't own it already.

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One Response to “More indications that work on Bond 25 has begun”

  • Sean Coleman

    I’ve always felt that the Bond for BOND 25 would likely be Daniel Craig (I’ve never bought into estimations that his production calendar precluded his availability for BOND 25). Craig needed a break, a rest and recharge. Although by no means a pro athlete myself (hah!), I can only imagine that playing no less a strenuous role as James Bond must be like an athletic season. At the end, one must rest for the fire to return (and injuries to heal). Setting aside how eager the studios are for Craig to return, I also have the feeling that Craig has decided he doesn’t wish SPECTRE to be his final Bond. SPECTRE isn’t a bad movie but knowing Craig’s standards (“People don’t make movies like this anymore.”), I’m willing to bet that he, EON and team are want one more go TOGETHER.