MI6 reports Bond 25 still on schedule

Site says all systems are go on Bond 25 while producers continue search for a new director.

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At Pinewood Studios work continues on building sets for Bond 25 according to MI6, despite the production losing its director last month.

Since Danny Boyle quit because of “creative differences” in August, the media has widely reported the film will be delayed. But if MI6 is to be believed – and their story ties in well with what we reported here a couple of weeks back – then Eon Productions are sticking with the existing script and aiming to start rolling the cameras in December.

One point of interest is that script. One of the sources for our previous story mentioned that the script Boyle was working on was the Neal Purvis and Robert Wade script which had been reworked by John Hodge.

Source: MI6 HQ

But when Boyle first discussed the possibility of directing Bond 25 it was on the proviso that Eon accepted  a story developed with Hodge, his long time collaborator who would pen it. In fact, the press release announcing Danny Boyle’s involvement stated:

Danny Boyle […] will direct from an original screenplay by Academy Award nominee John Hodge […] with production set to begin on 3 December 2018.

So, things don’t quite add up here. Rob Coppinger queried this on Twitter and received the following response (listed first):

The Spy Command also chipped in about this:

As we’ve seen with Bond 25, things can change pretty quickly in the movie business and it is conceivable that Eon rejected the Boyle/Hodge screenplay and convinced them to work on the story developed by Purvis and Wade instead.

That’s just speculation at the moment though and no doubt some version of the real story will come out eventually. Just don’t expect Barbara Broccoli, Michael G Wilson or Daniel Craig to give a straight answer.

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