Bond 25 to start filming in December with Danny Boyle directing

After a long period of waiting Eon Productions finally announced Bond 25 will start filming later this year.

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After waiting for what seems like forever for some real news on Bond 25, today Eon Productions/MGM finally broke the silence.

The main points of the the announcement are as follows:

  • Director: Danny Boyle
  • Screenplay: John Hodge
  • Distribution: Universal Pictures
  • Production start: 3rd December 2018
  • UK release: 25th October 2019

Danny Boyle was always a likely contender for director since he confirmed he had pitched an idea to Eon earlier this year and John Hodge was working on a screenplay. Daniel Craig confirmed he would return as 007 last summer.

The big news here is the involvement of Universal Pictures. MGM lacks the ability to distribute internationally and has been looking for a partner studio to fill that role and, presumably, co-finance the film. That was the last piece of the puzzle.

Here’s the press release published on  reproduced in full:

Production on Bond 25 will begin in December with Danny Boyle directing Daniel Craig’s 5th outing as Bond. EON Productions and Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios (MGM) have reached an agreement with Universal Pictures to partner on the worldwide release of the 25th James Bond film.

Daniel Craig returns as 007 and Academy Award-winning director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, Steve Jobs) will direct from an original screenplay by Academy Award nominee John Hodge (Trainspotting) with production set to begin on 3 December 2018. Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures will release the film theatrically in the US on 8 November 2019 through its new joint venture for domestic theatrical distribution with Annapurna Pictures, and Universal Pictures will release internationally commencing with the traditional earlier release in the UK on 25 October 2019.

Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli commented, “We are delighted to announce that the exceptionally talented Danny Boyle will be directing Daniel Craig in his fifth outing as James Bond in the 25th instalment of the franchise. We will begin shooting Bond 25 at Pinewood Studios in December with our partners at MGM and thrilled that Universal Pictures will be our international distributor.”

“Under the leadership of Michael and Barbara, we couldn’t be more thrilled than to bring the next 007 adventure to the big screen uniting the incomparable Daniel Craig with the extraordinary vision of Danny Boyle,” said MGM’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Kevin Ulrich. MGM’s President, Motion Picture Group Jonathan Glickman added, “It has been 16 years since DIE ANOTHER DAY was distributed by MGM and it’s incredibly gratifying to be releasing this film alongside the powerhouse team at Universal.”

“Universal is extremely proud to collaborate with Michael, Barbara and MGM on the international marketing and distribution of Bond 25,” said Chairman of Universal Pictures Donna Langley. “The unparalleled combination of Danny’s innovative filmmaking and Daniel’s embodiment of 007 ensured we simply had to be partners in the next chapter of this iconic series.”

David Leigh founded The James Bond Dossier in 2002. A fan of 007 since the age of 8, he is also author of The Complete Guide to the Drinks of James Bond. You can order a copy here if you don't own it already.

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20 Responses to “Bond 25 to start filming in December with Danny Boyle directing”


    Just not excited about this at all
    It’s been too long since spectre and DC looking a bit too old now

  • Mark

    Time to start planning a trip to London at the end of October, 2019!

  • Glyn Fellowes

    Excellent news and it’s good to know MGM are on board again let’s hope the script is has challenging as the previous ones and I hope Danny Boyle can keep the film going in the right direction.

  • Daniel Booth

    Brilliant news. I’m going to have a go at being an extra on this one. This has been a goal of mine for many years.

  • Jan Kees

    Super news! Can not wait!

  • Simon Lynes

    My worries are that it’s going to be to Hollywood Compliant to please the “ME TOO” brigade.

    We shall see.
    Bond is pretty dead from my POV however I do like Danny Boyle who is very talented indeed.

  • Code2663

    Fantastic news

    Your item was shakken me but not stirred

  • Malcolm McNeil

    The best News this year! And it will be exciting to see Danny Boyle’s vision of 007 on screen….!

  • Viviana

    Yay!!! Thank you so much for the update and making my day! My trip to London is back on for October 2019, then. I was going earlier in 2019 if Bond 25 wasn’t happening until 2020 but now I’ll plan to be there for the premier. I went in 2012 for Skyfall and got to see it in London and Paris before I saw it in the U.S. I didn’t actually attend the premier for Skyfall, I just looked around as they were setting up and got to see the fans who had tickets line-up. I was so jet lagged from flying in that morning, I don’t think I would have lasted into the evening. I’ll be sure to fly in earlier this time so I can stay later. So exciting!! I can’t wait to walk around London and check out all of the James Bond decorations!
    I enjoyed that so much in 2012. I have a few pictures on my Instagram if anyone wants to see them… The.Bourbon.Gourmet. :) Will there be a meet-up? I would love to meet other fans!

  • Jason Scott

    YIPEEE !!!!

  • Mitch Schwartz

    Great news! However, Warhead 2000, starring Idris Elba…
    I can say no more.

  • Tony

    Great news. LoveDanny Boyle’s work. Any chance a return to the old bond magical set designs like what ken adams created? Bond is due for a big one.

  • Dawn Lawry

    Fantastic news.can’t wait.Hope it is as great as the other one’s

  • Ernest

    These 007 movies are taking far too long. In the Sixties, 4 Bond were made in a row. Then, every 2 years after that. Has the Film industry changed that much? It’s how the James Bond role grew on Sir Sean Conner. Literally wore him out.

  • David Leigh

    The film industry has changed radically since the 1960s. Plus there has been uncertainty about whether Daniel Craig would return or not, uncertainty about a distribution/co-finance partner for MGM, the possibility of MGM being up for sale. That kind of environment doesn’t make for getting down to doing all the creative stuff.

  • Travis Skyberg

    Great news! Thanks for the update!

  • Bernard Brulé

    I just can’t wait to see the result.Hoping not to be disapointed…………

  • Collen

    I had dropped the Bond movies before Craig, viewing most actors as a poor substitute or parody when compared to Sean Connery. Craig brought the Bond magic back.

    There was a need for realism, a Bond that might just kill you, a Bond that could at least portray the ability to fight. After all, no matter the level of sophistication, a hired killer should make you believe he could actually kill someone.

    I am very pleased Mr. Craig’s return is closer to reality.

  • jbenn

    huzzah. Hoping for some interesting quirks and shocks/twists and turns with Danny B and writer J.Hodge. Wondering who they will get for femme fatale villains? Hope they write her right.

  • Ron Libby

    YEAH!!!!! Already planning date night with the wife.