Bond 25 headed for Italy in June according to Variety

Variety “exclusive” confirms a story we reported more than a month ago.

Bond 25 is headed for Matera in southern Italy in June, according to a report in Variety. Despite the piece being tagged “exclusive”, Matera was widely tipped as a location for Bond 25 by this site and others after a local website broke the news in early February.

Variety says a 500 strong production team will head for the town to shoot what is envisaged to be an action sequence. It compares it to the sequence shot in Mexico for SPECTRE. The article also notes the following:

Bond 25 will be able to tap into Italy’s tax credits, which cover 30% of eligible production costs, with a €20 million ($22.7 million) cap, and provide immediate cash-back benefits as soon as cameras start rolling.

It will be the fourth time 007 has ventured to Italy in the Daniel Craig era.

Source: Variety

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