October 2009

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MI6 Declassified

Bond Double

David Leigh founded The James Bond Dossier in 2002. A fan of 007 since the age of 8, he is also author of The Complete Guide to the Drinks of James Bond. You can order a copy here if you don't own it already.

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39 Responses to “October 2009”

  • Don

    I thinks is great,keep it going!!


  • Daren

    It’s good. You might have to wear a tux though, or one of those t-shirts with the tux print on them. Get a proper martini glass, I got mine from a charity shop for $2 (it just sits on a shelf with some 007 collectibles). If you have it, maybe a Bond movie poster in the background that can change for each video newsletter. I’ve just subscribed on YouTube looking forward to next vid.
    cheers Daren

  • Vampire

    Wow, a cool way of delivering the news.
    I like it (especially the martini.
    Why not try both methods of delivering the newsletter for example alternating each month.

    I look forward to the next one, keep up the excellent work.

  • Bill

    I like it.
    Keep it going.

  • Bryan

    Good idea!!! an official video newsletter is what we, 007 fans, need! Cool idea, cool website, Bond is cool!!!

  • Andrew Rogers

    Well Mate Very Good

    I like it this is the way of the future keep on with it. I think it is a great idea. It puts a face to the magazine and overtime it can only get better.



  • calvin bowes

    I adree deliver the news wearing a tux and movie poster would be nice and even a photo of Ian Flemming on your set. I like the idea of a video news letter better just do theis couple of things to make it clasier. 007 deserves the best.

  • Michael

    Nice Stuff!!!!!

  • jessica

    that was a great way of getting the latest def agree with Darren on the tux idea and also watch the use of that fade useing it to much also just an idea but the begining of each ond film has the graphics while the theme song plays so maybe find a friend or see if any one has some graphics skills and you could use that as the transitions or at the intro. love the idea def intend on watching more see you next month

  • billb

    Hey M!
    Great Job!! I agree with the guy above about maybe getting a tux and a stemmed martini glass but its a great idea you’ve come up with. I would also suggest some kind of backdrop, like possibly palm trees and a beach in the Bahama’s and a fan blowing your hair or something like that. I look forward to your next video. Keep up the good work!

  • Phil T

    Something different, Well done. Good to see a face that’s behind the web site.
    keep it up.
    Once again well done.

  • John

    Yes, but it’s not an OFFICIAL video is it. Just some guy in his bedroom…

  • M

    Wow, thanks for the comments.

    @Bryan – just to be clear this is in no way official.

    You’re a fussy lot about the martini glass – I broke my last thin stemmed one but have these short stubby ones and I didn’t think anyone would notice!

    @Daren – in fact there is a giant poster of From Russia With Love behind me, but I couldn’t get it into frame. I doubt I’ll bother dusting off my tux though :)

    @Jessica – I had a whole heap of problems trying to render this video for some reason with the fades pixilising on the transitions. I ended up doing like this just to get the job done and need to look at how to do it better next time. The video didn’t take long to shoot, but the editing was a NIGHTMARE.

  • Philip

    I second the praise that everyone else has posted M…

    It was your first “attempt” and you got the job done – your effort is appreciated!

    I also agree that some kind of backdrop and dressing up might be an idea – perhaps not go as far as the dinner suit but a navy suit, Bond style, would look rather dashing.

    Sipping the Martini before delivering the news should definatley be your trademark!

  • M

    Thanks Philip, hopefully attempt #2 will be better, but at the end of the day I’m more interested in getting the content right than dressing right.

    I will take all ideas on board though and see how I can use them without creating too much work.


  • Jean-Louis

    At last we get to see and hear the narrator.
    Very well presented and look forward to more video articles.
    PS I agree with ‘tux’ idea and Martini Glass.
    How about a Bond Girl or two ?

  • M

    “How about a Bond Girl or two?”

    Miss Moneypenny wouldn’t approve :)

  • Martin

    Wow, that was fantastic of what you did. I’m impressed that you added the music, the background on the wall, the props and good transition. You brought some handy information about the person who liked like daniel craig and the bond magazine. I’ll be looking forward on the second video newsletter in the future. Keep it up.

  • M

    Thanks Martin.

    My biggest issue for the next video will be the editing. It was hell this time and took up most of yesterday – next time I want to get the edit time down to an hour or so.

  • Bob

    Very nice, but yes dress up the set a bit and do get a proper martini glass. Otherwise it was a very good first effort. Look forward future updates.


  • EasyAndElegantLife

    Well done. Stick with it. I’ve dabbled in video and the editing is no fun, as you’ve pointed out. The results will be worth it though.

    I think a blue suit would do wonders. It’s not like you have to wear the trousers….

  • M

    “I think a blue suit would do wonders. It

  • Pete

    Very good, I wouldn’t bother with the “Tux” or “right type of Martini glass”. It’s about delivering the iformation and that’s what matters. Keep up the good work.

    OK maybe a white cat.

  • Darren

    I liked it! If you’ve got the time to do more I’ll make the time to watch them.


  • Rick

    Best yet! Get yourself a Tux and another martini glass as previously suggested and stand while doing the next video. You are a good looking guy with a great voice (English accent of course) so go for it.

  • Alex Knight 001

    Actually, I don’t mind either way. I think whichever is more conveinient for you. I just appreciate the news and updates. Although I live in the U.S. I’ve always thought that English accents sound cool. I predict that Bond 23 will be entitled “The Property of a Lady” or just “Property of a Lady”.

  • Darren

    Good points: A lot easier then reading a large document with the same content – Good work?
    Improvements: Perhaps more animation or theme of some sort? To keep the focus, example – a Max Headroom type character, one of his Villains or Bond Girls?

  • John Peterson

    Nice job,keep it up.

  • M

    Thanks to all the comments, there are a few things to think about for the next video.

  • MonsieurH

    I really like the video, because it was nice to put a face to people. I would have appreciated more graphics, but as a start it wasn’t a bad one. I did have to find another IP source since my original wasn”t fast enough to download and play the video.
    Good luck to all.

  • Dr. Allan M. Hunchuk

    Simply smashing. I love the new video newsletter. Keep up the fine work. BTW, was that a Vesper that you were drinking? Cheers!

  • abdul raouf

    regarding jemes bond doisser ,i apriciat your artical and video and go on…………….thank u

  • Daniel

    Fantastic Job! I have enjoyed reading the news from you in the past, but this adds an entirely new, different, and exciting twist to your offering. I also like the fact that it gives your news a human element. Please keep up the good work. If I can ever help you in any way…. please just ask. Danny

  • M

    @Allan It was a “stunt” Vodka martini – water with a slice of lemon peel – 10 a.m. is far too early for a real drink, but I have been known to mix Vespers at home.

    @Danny, I’m glad you liked it I’ve been really surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response.

    At least no one said they’d prefer it with a different presenter :)

  • Robert

    Yes! Finally a source of information about Bond we can see as well as hear. I like the Martini with the olive, but maybe a long stemmed glass would fit nicer. I’d like to see a Bond poster in the backround, and maybe, more importantly, some more news about upcoming Bond movie and/or memorabilia would help us desperate-for-Bondnews fans satisfied. Keep up the good work!

  • Steve

    A great newsletter! I really enjoyed it. Nice touch with the Martini! I hope you decide to keep it up.

  • Peter

    Well done, M!
    With so much incoming mail that requires reading, it was a great idea to post a video newsletter. I readily confess I recalled considerably more from your spoken commentary that was ever the case with the written version – but perhaps that’s just my age! I concur with those imploring you to don the dinner jacket and bow tie – a whie shirt would be nice, too – and perhaps for the Christmas edition you could have Miss Moneypenny sitting on your knee? We must always strive for an accurate reflection of life behind the closed doors of MI6!
    Alternatively, maybe you should strive for maintaining an air of secrecy and appear only in silhouette? (That’ll stretch your home video capabilities!)
    Not sure about the vodka martini – a nice touch, but surely we’ve no knowledge from Fleming’s writings that M ever drank one?
    For the record, I go along with correspondent Alex and have already placed my bet that Bond 23 will be called “Property of a Lady”.


    Awesome job! Keep it up! Looking forward to next month!

  • M

    Many thanks for the comments!

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