Young Bond author Steve Cole podcast interview

New Young Bond author Steve Cole was recently interviewed in the Adventures With Words podcast, where he revealed new information about his forthcoming Young Bond debut, Shoot To Kill.

young-bond-steve-coleOne interesting fact was that he was given the opportunity to modernise Young Bond instead of following the timeline started by Charlie Higson’s books and set the four book series in the 1980s, which he rejected.

While it does seem strange that Ian Fleming Publications would want to change the timeline so soon, it does show they are willing to allow authors a certain amount of freedom, similar to how Jeffery Deaver rebooted Bond in Carte Blanche.

He also reveals some of the elements he researched for the book, although was careful to say that that they may or not have made the book, including Zeppelins, the famous Hollywood sign and crime in Hollywood in the 1930s.

You can pre-order Steve Cole’s Shoot To Kill here

Source: The Book Bond

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