World’s largest corn maze celebrates 60 years of big screen Bond

Illinois farm’s 28 acre maze features five James Bond actors and an Aston Martin.

Bond fans in Illinois looking for a unique, if not outright bizarre, way to celebrate six decades of cinematic James Bond can visit what is billed as the world’s largest corn maze at Richardson Farm.

This year’s design celebrates 60 years of James Bond with some familiar faces that have portrayed 007 over the years. With no dead ends and a perimeter path, it’s up to you whether to do one maze or all four. There are multiple checkpoints throughout the maze as well as three bridges that will help you find your bearings while looking at the map. Finding the checkpoints is the challenge and the way to solve the maze, but if you need to get out, you can find your way out in just minutes.

The Richardson Adventure Farm Corn Maze is one of the biggest and most detailed corn mazes in the country. With nearly ten miles of trail winding through 28 acres of live corn, it’s a challenge for even the most experienced maze-goers. The maze is actually made up of 4 smaller mazes, each with its own dedicated in and out path.

The Richardson Farm is a historic farmstead that has been expanded and improved over the years to include a variety of entertainment options for visitors. Today, in addition to traditional crops, the farm features a corn maze, Christmas trees, tulip and sunflower festivals, and more. The farm strives to maintain a country feel while providing fun and educational experiences for all.

Curiously the likeness of George Lazenby is missing from the maze, although Ursula Andress is included within the gun barrel.

Opening times:
10th September to 30th October 2022
Friday 10 am–11 pm
Saturday 10 am–11 pm
Sunday 12 pm–9 pm

Check with Richardson Farm for full details.

Source: Richardson Farm

Thanks to David Smithe for the tipoff.

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    One of the Richardson’s is a firefighter in Niles, Illinois that I used to fight fires with when I was a firefighter. Both of us are Pilots and I flew with Kyle on his Cessna from the farms private grass strip. Len Johnson; member and restorer of the Ian Fleming Foundation in Kankakee, Illinois.