Will Blofeld Be The Villain In Bond 23? [Cinema Blend]

Bond 23 screenwriter John Logan recently spoke at a lecture for BAFTA Screenwriters, where he hinted that Blofeld might make a return in the next James Bond film. According to Cinema Blend:

During the question and answer segment of the talk, one of the audience members told Logan that he once said “Bond should always fight Blofeld” and asked if it there was any chance the great antagonist would be back for the new film. Logan’s response was simple: “Bond should always fight Blofeld.”

Also interesting is that the film will have a two week rehearsal period, which is rare in current feature films.

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2 Responses to “Will Blofeld Be The Villain In Bond 23? [Cinema Blend]”

  • David Smith

    I really really hope so.

  • Jan Domagala

    It would be great to see the return of Bond’s best villain. It would be interesting to see how they would bring him into the 21st Century, would he still have the white cat and would they, could they bring back SPECTRE? Certainly hope so.

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