We are careful not to damage cultural values: Bond producer [Hurriyet Daily News]

Skyfall producer Michael G Wilson spoke at a press conference held in Istanbul ahead of the arrival of Daniel Craig and the first unit in which he reassured locals that filming has not damaged historic buildings. Hurriyet Daily News quoted Wilson as saying:

“As people in the film sector we create illusions. This is what the art of cinema is. We have made shootings in national and cultural places in many countries, and we pay great attention to not give any damage to them.” 

The article specifically mentions some of the motorcycle stunt work that has been going on on the roof of the Grand Bazaar, saying:

With regard to the scene in which motorcycles seem to be shot on the roofs of the Grand Bazaar, Wilson said the motorcycles were actually moving on platforms that had been placed on the roofs, at a cost of 135,000 Turkish liras.

“If you go to the building that the motorcycle hit, you see that there is no building there. We created that, too. It was also claimed that one of the windows of the bazaar had been broken by a motorcycle. There was a big hole there and we made it smaller, adding a window. So, we created our own set,” he said. 

Read “We are careful not to damage cultural values: Bond producer” at Hurriyet Daily News

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