US and UK covers for ‘Trigger Mortis’ compared

Trigger Mortis - US and UK covers

While the announcement that the next James Bond continuation novel will be called Trigger Mortis was accompanied by the UK cover design, the US version has now been shared by the joint CEO of literary agency Curtis Brown.

Both covers are shown above, with the US cover design on the left and the more familiar (so far) UK design on the right.

On Twitter the response to the title, which was inadvertently revealed several hours early by the Daily Express, tended to be negative. However, it is perhaps a nod to Trigger Finger, an early title for the short story eventually published as The Living Daylights.

While it doesn’t sound much like a James Bond novel, it does perhaps seem like one of Ian Fleming’s chapter titles, but what is really important is what is between the covers and for that we must wait until 8th September.

A short video has also been released on YouTube, although it reveals little:

What do you think of the title?

Let me know in the comments below:

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3 Responses to “US and UK covers for ‘Trigger Mortis’ compared”

  • Anthony Schiavino

    The title doesn’t bother me. If we had more of the same we’d have more of the same. Maybe the next book is more of a Bond title. They’re trying something new and we won’t get anything new if they don’t try. It’ll relate to the story in some form or fashion and ultimately the story is what counts. They’ll just have to try harder to market it to the audience that will buy it regardless.

  • Jose Coton

    Can´t complain about a title, cause we don´t know what the plot is all about. And what is a James Bond title anyway? Even Fleming had some weird ones like ¨The Property of a Lady¨, ¨Risico¨ and ¨James Bond in New York¨.I know that something like ¨Silverhead¨. Or ¨Only Spies Die Young¨ sound more Bondish but, let´s leave it like that and enjoy the novel.

  • Stephen Cox

    Excellent name. Typical Ian Fleming sound to it!