SPECTRE opens with $70.4M in US

SPECTRE topped the US box office this weekend after going on general release from Friday. The latest Bond film took a total of $73 million according to early estimates.

SPECTRE teaser poster

This figure corresponds to the range from the first forecasts before they were raised to the $80 million region. This is some way off the $88.4 million earned by Skyfall on its first weekend, despite opening on more screens. The other big film this weekend has been The Peanuts Movie, which is said to have impacted on SPECTRE’s take.

UPDATE: The weekend take dropped to $70.4 million when Sony reported the final take on Monday. Headline modified to take account of that.

Source: BBC

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One Response to “SPECTRE opens with $70.4M in US”

  • Professor Andrew Czarn

    Spectre has just opened in Perth, Western Australia, and, of course, I could not wait to see it. As a life-long James Bond 007 fan I loved it. To me, Daniel Craig portrayed a more gentlemanly, complimenting, and, if I may be so bold as to use the word, a kinder Bond. It also seemed to revive some of the proven Bond magic formula: the film beginning with the gun barrel sequence, the 2 leading ladies, both excellent actresses in their own right, the iconic Aston Martin, the fight on a train (compare to From Russia With Love), and, of course, the unique and quintessential Bond humour. My only grievance might be that Bond is mentioned as an assassin. Licenced to kill, Bond is. But Bond, as per the Ian Fleming novels, does not like to kill. Rather, Bond is unreservedly dedicated to his mission and to kill is more a defense rather than a pre-emptive first strike. My rating: 5 stars without any reservation from an English schoolboy who grew up always looking up to James Bond 007