SPECTRE continues to smash UK box office records

The latest James Bond film has smashed UK box office records, taking a cool £41.7 million in its first week, the highest seven day UK box office take ever.


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Deadline reports that during the three day weekend period of Friday to Sunday it just exceeded Skyfall with £20.4 million compared to £20.1 million. Bear in mind that is despite being in cinemas for more than three full days already. Whereas SPECTRE opened on Monday, Skyfall received a more traditional Friday opening.

The previous record was the £23.88 million taken by Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban in 2004, which also opened on a Monday. SPECTRE has smashed that record.

A large part of that success is attributed to IMAX, with the number of screens doubled to 40 compared to Skyfall. With a hefty £20 ticket price for IMAX screenings in the West End though that is little surprising. The ticket price is more than double that charged for other movies.

In other territories it has also faired well, in Sweden surpassing Skyfall by some 30%. After one week it has taken $88.4 million from just six territories. Skyfall took $77.7 million in 25 markets. It just doesn’t compare.

Friday sees SPECTRE open in the United States and many other territories, where it is now expected to do well. It all goes to show there is still plenty of life left in the 53 year old franchise.

Source: Deadline

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