Skyfall closes in on $300M in US

Skyfall closed the weekend just short of $300 million in the US market, with a worldwide box office of $1,032,863,000, according to figures from Box Office Mojo. The film is coming to the end of its big screen run as the DVD and Blu-Ray release date of February 18th approaches, and worldwide the only major market remaining is China, where it opens next week.

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2 Responses to “Skyfall closes in on $300M in US”

  • Raul Martinez

    Well, I for one wish Skyfall had flopped dismally at the box office if only because I HATED IT ! ! I found it dark, gloomy & thoroughly un-entertaining. Sign of the times I guess how a great many people seem to like the ‘rebooted’ 007.

  • gary litchfield

    well i felt the completely different to me i loved it daniel took it to new level he to me now is james bond im looking forward to the new 24 bond film good luck daniel craig

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