Sam Mendes on the Skyfall gunbarrel

Warning: slight spoiler

Empire Online has published a video interview with Sam Mendes in which he talks about the gunbarrel and how he had originally planned to start Skyfall. However, he says that when he put it there it “looked ridiculous” because of the opening shot, which is reminiscent of the gunbarrel. He also says the the gunbarrel at the start is almost the best bit of the Bond films and likens it to Christmas Eve (see what we say about why the gunbarrel should be at the start here).

He is also asked whether he would like to direct another James Bond film and who he would like to direct Bond 24. Watch the video to hear what he says and leave any comments below.


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2 Responses to “Sam Mendes on the Skyfall gunbarrel”

  • Paul Kyriazi

    Great to hear this interview. I love the gun barrell where it is now in Skyfall. That was as bonus on a great ending. Thanks for posing.

  • Joe Stefanelli

    Quite frankly, I would love to see the gun barrel sequence returned to the traditional beginning of each bond film. Thank you for at least returning the bond theme music through out Skyfall. . It was sorely missed in Casino Royal and QoS as was the gun barrel sequence. It must be understood by the future makers of Bond films. They are handed a great trust. The gun barrel, the theme music are all important traditional items that define a “Bond” film. Update them, change them, modernize them….but they must be there… optimally in their traditional spots. There are simply certain things that can’t be tinkered with when carrying on a 50 year legacy like James Bond.