Sam Mendes has finished with Bond

Sam Mendes is unlikely to do another Bond movie after SPECTRE. Having tied all Daniel Craig’s films together the director says he has now “finished a journey”.

Sam Mendes directs Léa Seydoux

Following the release of Skyfall Mendes was initially reluctant to return to make another Bond film. He was subsequently persuaded to do so by Daniel Craig, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson.

In order to get him back there was a three year gap between Skyfall and SPECTRE to allow him to undertake his other commitments. Sony was keen to push for a new Bond film every two years.

Source: Vulture

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4 Responses to “Sam Mendes has finished with Bond”

  • steven bolton

    I don’t think we will see another Bond film until 2018, these movies take time and energy to make. Sony will end up killing the Franchise if they want one every two years.

  • James

    Used to be Bond films were very regular, about two years apart. (Six years transpired between License to Kill and Goldeneye due to studio litigation) As Steven said, two years is awfully ambitious and sounds rather like Sony is after profits rather than putting out quality movies. I would like to see Daniel Craig do another and if he does, I don’t think he (nor the producers) want to wait too long.

  • Teeritz

    Mendes did a great job with Skyfall. I’ve yet to see Spectre (opens here on the 12th), but I’m glad they managed to persuade him to do another, despite his getting “pilloried” by his friends for doing so.
    The trick with Bond films in their new direction is that you need to get a director who understands both drama and action. Martin Campbell did a great job with Casino Royale, whereas Marc Forster didn’t handle the action well (in my humble opinion) with Quantum of Solace. He did a better job with action and tension by the time he directed World War Z.
    Despite the darkness that permeates through his films, I would still love to see Christopher Nolan tackle a Bond film.

  • Professor Andrew Czarn

    I conjecture that whoever takes on the mantle of directing Bond 25 will have a real challenge on his or her hands. Being 25 is a milestone and Bond always needs to keep up with the times, yet, always retain his timeless quality as the most sophisticated and suave hero in the cinema. I would hope Daniel Craig would finish his 5 film contract and do Bond 25 his full justice as an actor who brought new and extraordinary depth and reality to the Bond character. But, if not, a new Director coupled with a new Bond might just be the combination that makes Bond 25 the epic we all hope for, as always from any James Bond 007 movie