Radiohead’s theme for SPECTRE

Just before Christmas Radiohead singer Thom York confirmed his band had in fact written a theme song for SPECTRE that was rejected in favour of Sam Smith’s song Writing on the Wall.

While it is not really news any more, you can listen to Radiohead’s song above.

What do you think?

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3 Responses to “Radiohead’s theme for SPECTRE”

  • paul

    The song sounds ok

  • Prof Andrew Czarn

    I think that Radiohead’s theme was a extremely fine piece of music, but I personally have a sense that Sam Smith’s theme was the better choice. It was no doubt a close contest I would imagine, but Sam Smith came across with that James Bond 007 feel, I conjecture

  • Barry Tyler.OA.Dip

    The Radiohead theme has a nice haunting feel to it,but I find it takes a long while to get going,and it only becomes ‘Bondian’ towards the end of the track.

    A good song,but Sam Smith’s was the correct choice in this instance.

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