Purvis & Wade reported to have rejoined Bond 25

Baz Bamigboye say regular Bond scribes are back at work on the next Bond film.

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Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have been brought back in to develop their screen treatment for Bond 25, according to Bamigboye. He cites “a Hollywood executive close to the production” for his information.

To recap the situation, Purvis and Wade worked on an early treatment that, according to Bamigboye, was given the green light. It was shelved when Danny Boyle and John Hodge approached Broccoli with a idea of their own.

Despite appearing in the Daily Mail, which has notoriously low journalistic standards, Bamigboye has been proven to be right on a number of occasions on the recent Bond films. Because of that it pays to take notice of him when it comes to 007.

Bamigboye says that while Barbara Broccoli is busy in Los Angeles trying to find a director to replace Boyle, Purvis and Wade will now develop their screen treatment into a script. He also notes that when a new director comes on board there are likely to be further rewrites.

A couple of questions if Bamigboye is right:

  • What will happen to the sets that are reported to being constructed at Pinewood? Does it mean Purvis and Wade have to write these into their screenplay?
  • Is Bond 25 really on track, as has been reported elsewhere or is it wishful thinking? If Eon really needs a new script on top of signing a director then a December seems unlikely.

Of course, there is always the possibility that Bamigboye is wrong this time. But unless a new director is announced imminently I don’t see how they can hope to start production this year.

Source: Daily Mail

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