Producers confident work on Bond 23 will resume soon [MI6]

When Michael G Wilson unveiled the latest James Bond video game, Blood Stone, yesterday in London he went on to say that  also that he expected pre-production work on Bond 23 to resume shortly, according to a report on MI6, which reports Wilson as saying:

“Both Barbara and I are convinced that we’ll be bringing you another Bond film soon.”

Read “Producers confident work on Bond 23 will resume soon” at  MI6

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10 Responses to “Producers confident work on Bond 23 will resume soon [MI6]”

  • jasper

    Great news, lets hope they make actully have the confidence to make a decent Bond movie not some “Bourne Lite” mess like QOS

  • Tony Nworah

    I agree. We need the traditional elements of Bond back but with a good story behind it. I’m tired off all these experimental Bournesque features.


    yes, Bond needs to return as the original, more gentleman, suave, playboy with a license to kill,like kill and smile at the end

  • Shere Khan

    I’d like to see Bond “evolve” into a more polished gentleman over the next 2 films. I like Craig, and would like to see him make the transition. QOS was a disappointment, but I loved Casino Royale.

  • jason

    casino royal was the best bond yet. Qos was ok. You can’t blame them for trying something new as those who don’t change die. Times are different so we needed a new type of bond. One who could use what’s real not some fantastic q device that makes it too easy or convenyent.

  • Paul F

    I disagree. The hyper-real (Bournesque if you like) take on action is not the problem. The problem is story. Casino Royale was a great film because it was largely Ian Fleming’s narrative – the BO for the film is a clear indication of this – we got to know Bond as a complicated person who is questioning himself and his job while performing it – FEELING something – instead of fulfilling some film version of a killing automaton. The idea of creating a modern day version of SPECTRE (i.e Quantum) was a good idea but has suffered because the filmmakers insist on highlighting action over substance and character (re: QOS). We need quiet, introspective moments with Bond in place of yet another over the top action sequence.

  • Richard

    Well I ask you… refering to Paul F, of July 20th, 2010 at 15.00

    its like this you can keep your Terminators, Die Hard will be Die Hard. Bond with out the theme is just another action movie, but with it its just one of those film francies that will always have its place in history and it stands out today as it did all those years ago in the days of Saltzman & Brocoli.

    I know what the late Cubby Brocoli said to his children, “keep it in the family dont let others come in and screw it up” “keep it close to Fleming/Brocoli traditions, give him the right background, the girls, the gadgets, everything is larger than life” Quote Desmond Llyellan, that is what I strongly believe in

  • 00Jack

    I agree that’Bond’ should become more of the Fleming character and NOT jason Bourne.
    I also think it was a HUGE mistake NOT to have the trademark gun barrel sequence at the opening of Quantum of Solace.
    I hope Bond now evolves more into the Superspy we know and love,suave and sophisticated,gadgets and all.

    Message edited

  • Simon Elliott

    I have just read the comments relating to QOS. Despite the fact that there may be elements of QOS which do not appeal to die hard Bond purists, you have to remember two things :

    1) QOS was a sequel of sorts to CASINO ROY-
    ALE and has a heartbroken Bond hunting
    down the people who caused Vesper to
    betray him. This continuation of CR
    dictated the plot and ensured that cert-
    ain plants were paid off (e.g. the ending
    where Vesper’s ex-boyfriend was confron-
    ted at last.

    and :

    2) Everyone has an opinion, which we are
    entitled to, but to slag off a film such
    as QOS is bang out of order. I would
    remind you all that ANY film is an ach-
    ievement in itself, no matter how large
    or small in scale. It takes great risk,
    commitment and technical ingenuity from
    a vast number of tried and proven people
    to bring together a project in the scale
    of a Bond film. I think we should all be
    grateful that the Bond franchise is still
    alive, and appreciate how difficult it
    is to continually dream up relevant plots
    and action sequences to entertain us.
    Yes, some Bond’s may be more enjoyable
    than others, but who are we to criticise?

    Thank you.

  • M


    As you say, everyone has an opinion. You are entitled to yours and people who “slagg off” QOS – as you say – are also entitled to air their own views too.

    Also, I make the rules around here :)