Possible “Skyfall” Teaser Trailer description hits the web [Bond23.net]

Bond23.net has reported that a media studies student claims to have seen a rough cut of a Skyfall trailer due to be released at the end of February. As they quite rightly state in the article:

IMDb is not renowned for its accuracy regarding in-production films. Nonethless a poster at their forums named Liz has revealed that she (as a media studies student) sat in on a rough cut of the Skyfall teaser trailer.

You can read what Liz has to say here and while her description sounds plausible in some respects, I don’t think it would be too difficult for anyone following Skyfall to piece together.

And the biggest doubt about this report is simply this; why would EON Productions allow media studies students to see the trailer when access to information is held under wraps as much as possible?

If it is true then once again we appear to have James Bond as a rogue agent; the report says that at the beginning of the film 007 has resigned from MI6.

That doesn’t fit in well though with the end of Quantum of Solace though, when Bond tells M “I never left”. But what does EON care about continuity?

Read “Possible Skyfall Teaser Trailer description hits the web” at Bond23.net

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