Opening titles of Skyfall now available online

Daniel Kleinman’s opening title sequence for Skyfall has now been made available online after being uploaded to YouTube by Watching it again reminds me of what I thought the first time round; that it looks, at least in part, like the start to a vampire movie rather than 007 with all the tombstones and blood. It does have some of the traditional Bond elements – i.e. guns and girls – but I can’t help feeling that the titles in recent years have far too much going on and would be better if they were more stripped down.

Anyway, watch the titles above and leave a comment below, whether you agree or disagree with my view.

David Leigh founded The James Bond Dossier in 2002. A fan of 007 since the age of 8, he is also author of The Complete Guide to the Drinks of James Bond. You can order a copy here if you don't own it already.

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One Response to “Opening titles of Skyfall now available online”

  • Alexa

    I agree and disagree. It is darker and more intense than the normal that we all expected but Bond IS presumed dead and since the opening title sequence mimiks some of what happens in the movie, he shouldn’t be dancing around and running. Since, at that point, we don’t know whether he is dead or alive, they can’t use too many shots I him in action, or living.