No Time to Die: Aston Martin DB5 in Matera [video]

The second unit for No Time to Die arrived in the Italian town of Matera mid-August 2019 for a shoot expected to last until the third week of September.

Some of the first scenes shot were a car chase involving an Aston Martin DB5 (at least a replica with a BMW engine and carbon fibre body) pursued through the streets by a number of cars and a motorcycle. The video gives an idea of what to expect in the film and shows just how beautiful Matera is.

In several scenes involving the DB5 there appear to be the remains of bonfires in a number of squares. In the regions the feast of San Giuseppe (St Joseph) on 19th March is celebrated with bonfires, although not in the squares used for filming.

One idea proposed on Twitter is that Bond and Madeleine walk through the town at night with bonfires ablaze. The car chase takes place the next day in this scenario.

Another idea proposed by Rob Coppinger is that the footage shot during daytime will actually take place at night. If you want to know how they might achieve this check out this video.

If this is correct then the bonfires will presumably be added using CGI, with the cars skidding around the flames. It would be absolutely spectacular.

Thanks to Annachiara for the video footage and local knowledge.

Follow her (Annakey91) on Twitter.

You can check out her original videos from which the above is compiled below:

Not used in the video but still of interest to Bond fans are these:

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