No Aston Martin – and no Jag Either

Following our story No Aston Martin for Bond 22 back in January, it now seems that the Bond’s next  remaining choice won’t be available either.

MI6 reported yesterday that Ford is looking to sell its Jaguar division, the expected choice of Bond after Aston Martin was sold. As Ford has a 3 picture deal to supply James Bond’s car it is starting to look like he’ll be landed with a Ford Mondeo. Let’s hope that EON has a get out clause to ensure Bond drive a car that is worthy of him.

Read MI6’s report.

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7 Responses to “No Aston Martin – and no Jag Either”

  • M


    Thanks for your comment, but wasn’t 007 driving a Mondeo when he first arrived in the Bahamas in Casino Royale?

    All the same, it is a shame that Bond’s car is dictated by a sponsorship deal. Ian Fleming would really turn in his grave.


  • peter

    Bond would never ever drive a mondeo….a rover at the least but never a many royal navy commanders drive reps cars???unless ford are bringing out a very very special new supercar..or maybe if 22 is set in the usa he could drive a 2007 shelby mustang…but no aston is still sacriledge..let alone by now bond should have had a new bentley gt..seeing as bentley was always his choice of car

  • John Nik Nak Hunt

    I think Bond turning up at a casino in a baby pink convertable Ford Ka would be an interesting look! I’ve seen one pottering around town and I think it is something EON need to take seriously!!!

    On a more pratical note the Ford GT would certainly be cool enough. However, it is hardly Bond’s car of choice and would need to stop for fuel every 5 miles.

    At the end of the day, the Bond franchise has had to move with the times when, unfortunatley, Britain’s motor industry has not.

  • Niller boy

    Well I must confess that I am getting tirred of the aston Martin… Move on. Ford Mondeo is not acceptable, but BMW did great in the Brosnan movies….

  • M

    It turns out that this news item is incorrect after all. Bond will return in his Aston Martin and Ford will provide the GT40 according to an interview with the 2nd unit director.


  • Todd

    Staying true to form Bond is Aston. Don’t get me wrong BMW did great, I know I own a 750IL, but Aston is Aston, made by Ford or not its Bonds car. Besides I don’t know to many married women that wouldn’t get very comfortable in a DB9S. Do you?

  • Don

    Mabe Ford wont be able to unload Jaguar & Land Rover befor the filming. Im shure we wont be let down without the Aston