Mr Hinx’s firearm in SPECTRE revealed as Arsenal Firearms Dueller Prismatic

Mr Hinx

The recently released publicity still of Dave Bautista as Mr Hinx (above) revealed a curious choice of weapon, a two barrelled handgun. That weapon is now known to be the Arsenal Firearms AF2011 Dueller Prismatic after the company issued a press release dated 4th March, in which it revealed it had supplied five specially modified pistols for use in SPECTRE.


The company’s latest product was selected by the producers some months ago and five of the stainless steel pistols were modified from the standard .45 ACP production weapon to shoot blank rounds for filming, apparently the first time this had been done for a double barrel semi-automatic pistol. Arsenal Firearms also supplied accessories such as a special double barrel shoulder rig to holster the pistol.

Previously the pistol has been used in independent US production My Name is Paul and the BBC America series The Intruders. Arsenal Firearms is based in Italy and founded as recently as 2011, with its first product line was unveiled in March 2012.

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2 Responses to “Mr Hinx’s firearm in SPECTRE revealed as Arsenal Firearms Dueller Prismatic”

  • Dave Armourer

    The pistols supplied by Arsenal were all Standard double barreled ball versions which were Not converted to fire blank it was the productions tech Armourer who converted the pistols for the film.

  • Pistoleta

    Great article! Arsenal Firearms also created a separate website for the double barrel pistol models: if you want to check it out. A very interesting gun model.

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